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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Head Hunting: Plant Food

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Sakrol Leviathan


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PostSubject: Head Hunting: Plant Food   Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:51 pm

It was a new day after yesterday, Sakrol was already walking to the Head Hunter's base with Neurus to see if there were any interesting hunts available. Yesterday's training with Jon was just tiresome at best, Sakrol was just glad that after the training he could just hop into his bed and start sleeping immediately. Was it just Sakrol's imagination or was Jon training him twice as harder than before? Jon did say that he is preparing to teach something new to Sakrol but not just yet so Jon is just sparring with Sakrol for the time being. Sakrol and Neurus now arrived at their destination and Sakrol immediately started to look at the available contracts on the noticeboard. One contract caught Sakrol's interest, there wasn't much information to go on except the reward and there was a text saying: “If you are interested in completing this contract meet me at the “Slipping Fish” camping area which is located in the southern part of the forest, you can't miss it. I will give all the details of this job there personally. Signed: Harold Acornstalk, Slipping Fish camping site's employee.” Sakrol grabbed the request from the noticeboard and decided that he might as well do it, he had no idea what he was signing up for but this seemed like part of the fun. But before Sakrol could leave he had to investigate where this camping site is, thankfully there was a huge map of the city and the area around it on one of the walls. With this Sakrol was able to plan his way to the camping site, he had to get to the edge of the southern forest with a bus and then walk the rest of the way, easy enough. With this Sakrol and Neurus were off, first the bus ride and then walking down a dirt path which led them to the camping site. There was this large wooden shack with the sign: “Slipping Fish Camping Site, Welcome!”. Sakrol presumed that this was probably the camping site's base of operations so he entered the building to look for the guy who had left this request in the Head Hunter's base. The place seemed empty and there was only one man sitting at the counter doing some work, the man seemed to be human with his black short but messy hair and he was wearing a light-green uniform which was probably his work outfit. Sakrol approached this worker and gave him the contract paper and asked. So where can I find this guy that wrote this contract? He is supposed to be here... The man at the counter picked up the paper and he looked at Sakrol. Are you from the Head Hunters? Couldn't have guessed myself since you look awfully young to be one. I am Harold, the one who wrote this contract. Let's go to my office to discuss this matter, after that I'm expecting you to handle the situation. Sakrol followed the man named Harold to his office in the second floor, there was a desk and two chairs. Harold sat down and told Sakrol to sit down as well to listen to the job description. Okay, so this is what has been happening around here... A male fallow deer has been attacking our campers and other employees, it doesn't seem to be a normal deer though because we tried to use tranquilizers on it but with no success and we even became so desperate that we tried shooting it to death but the bullets don't seem to effect it. It's extremely violent towards people so we had to close down the camp site until this problem is sorted out, we have already lost 3 employees and 7 campers have died because of it. Can you kill this thing so we can reopen the camping site and not have anymore deaths in our hands? Sakrol didn't hesitate at all when he accepted the job. Sure thing, I'm sure I can handle one crazy herbivore. Just point me to its direction and I will take care of the rest. The camp employee Harold smiled and he stood up to the window to show Sakrol which way he should walk to find the target. Just walk in that direction and I'm certain that the deer will show up and it will try and attack you. Thank you for your time, when you are done bring me its head as proof that the thread has been taken care of. Now you may go. Sakrol then walked out of the office and out of the building towards the woods where the deer is supposed to be located. Same thing as last time, walk around the whole place until you find the target or the target will find you. Sakrol was calmly walking around with Neurus until they noticed that something was running towards them with great speed. It was the deer by the looks of it, it was running towards Sakrol with the intend of ramming through him. Sakrol dodged this attack though and he looked at the deer which turned around to stare at Sakrol. It looked like just a normal deer but it had thick vines around its antlers and it had large leaves growing from its back where the vines were coming from, the deer's eyes were unmoving and just stared into nothingness. The thing creeped Sakrol out a bit but it didn't look strong so this should end fast. Sakrol drew out his sword and he rushed towards the deer and he swung his sword in an attempt to cut its head off immediately. The deer wasn't able to react fast enough so Sakrol's attack hit and the deer lost its head but something was severely wrong. The deer's body should have collapsed to the ground dead but it was still standing and it was even moving. Sakrol took some distance to observe the headless deer and he wondered what was wrong with it. Thick vines started to protrude from the deer's neck where the head was missing and those vines lifted the deer's head from the ground. Those vines were now just holding the deer's head as the body turned itself towards Sakrol and it prepared to attack. Sakrol was a bit disgusted by this sort of turn of events but at least the enemy was interesting. So this thing is just a normal deer and the real thread is that plant that grows on it I suppose... I guess this will end when I chop the thing to pieces. Sakrol and the deer were now charging towards each other, Sakrol dodged this running attack by going to the left but the vines were moving the head so frantically that the horns on the head wounded Sakrol's right arm as Sakrol swung his sword downward to cut the deer's back. The deer fell to the ground as it was just cut in half and Sakrol had a small injury on his right arm that was bleeding a little. Sakrol turned around to look at the deer which was cut in half but more vines came out and attached the two parts together but it was really flimsy. Sakrol charged in multiple times to cut the deer into many more pieces but every time he did that the cut parts just rejoined with the vines and when Sakrol approached the vines flailed these parts at him. Sakrol didn't care though since it was impossible to dodge something that was so unpredictable with its movements and it didn't hurt too much anyways, it just chipped away little by little. The deer was already in many pieces but the vines just continued to fight like that, Sakrol took some distance to think for a while. In order to end this fight he had to kill the plant but how to kill it since he already tried to cut some of the vines and those just regrew back instantly. The plant thing had to have a weak spot somewhere but where exactly since Sakrol has slashed the deer's body into pieces that the vines are now randomly holding up, it truly was an ugly sight. The only big piece of the deer seemed to be its chest, well Sakrol assumes it is the chest but he is not entirely sure. The chest was located in the middle of the vines and other body parts hinting that the plant thing was trying to protect that spot. Well only way to know if it is the weak point is to attack it and cut it open to kill the thing once and for all. Sakrol charged in one last time and he targeted the chest piece while cutting some of the vines out of the way that were trying to hit him. When Sakrol reached the chest he cut it open and he saw this beautiful purple flower with some yellow markings on it, Sakrol reached out his left hand towards the flower and he grabbed it. Sakrol then ripped it out with force causing the vines to be ripped apart from the flower and they stopped moving and all the deer's body parts fell to the ground. Sakrol looked at the flower on his hand and the flower tried to grow more vines but Sakrol crushed the flower in his hand and it withered instantly. Sakrol has never seen anything kinda like this, it was a monstrous plant alright. Sakrol threw the withered flower away and he sheathed his sword, he had won but he had minor wounds around his body. Now all that was left to do was to pick up the head of the deer and return to the camp site to show the employee that the job was done. Sakrol told Neurus to bring the head to him and Sakrol carried the head from its horns to the camp site where Harold was already waiting for his return. Harold noticed that Sakrol was returning so he walked towards Sakrol to ask how did the hunt go. I see that you are carrying the deer's head with you, so the job is done now but it seems you didn't survive without a few injuries. You can give me the head now, I will mount it on the wall of my office. Sakrol handed the deer's head to Harold while he replied. Just minor injuries, nothing serious. While I was hunting this thing I actually discovered that this deer is nothing but a normal deer, the real problem was a strange plant that was growing inside it apparently. Annoying little thing by the way, but I guess I should go back to the base now. I assume that whatever reward you promised in the contract can be fetched from the Head Hunter's base, so goodbye. Sakrol then walked away from the camp site with Neurus and they returned back the same way as they had gotten here. Sakrol healed his wounds so he didn't look so beat up when he entered the building and got his reward, after this Sakrol decided to chill a little in the cafe section of the Head Hunter's base by buying a sandwich which he shared with Neurus and some juice.


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Head Hunting: Plant Food
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