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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Soma the empires heir, and his retainers, Aria, and Mathew

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PostSubject: Soma the empires heir, and his retainers, Aria, and Mathew   Thu Mar 22, 2018 11:57 pm

Soma Yamato

Race: Half Primal, (Son of the High Seraph)

Class: Scion (Sage, Paladin, Knight)

Magics: Light, Chaos, Earth, Force (Will of the Conqueror and the Echo)

Age 19

Appearance :

Bio: Soma is the son of the current emperor and only Heir. However he does not agree with his father nor his fathers generals on more than a few things. Cool headed and calculated he may seem cold but in relaity he cares for his people. He wants to be the best ruler he can be and be a more peaceful ruler than his father. However there are many who doubt he is suited to rule when it comes to the nobles of the Empire, including his fathers three generals. He grew up mostly alone with all but one friend Aria. As a way to test if he will be a capable emperor the generals have forced him to attend to Honnoji, a school known for turning out some of the best of the empires military and even more adventurers. He has cold disposition to try and prevent himself and others from getting close to to him.

Aria Kiryuin

Race: Human

Class: Mimic (Mystic Knight, Berserker, Assassin)

Magic: Light, Lightning, Force (The echo)

Age: 18

Appearance :

Bio: Daughter of the noble Kiryuin family, her family has always served the Empire and as such she grew up along with Soma. The two became close as they grew up in the violent nature of the empire, seeing how many citizens feared and hated the empire. However Soma promised a new empire as Emperor and she believes in this with her heart. She loves Soma and has vowed to serve as his retainer since the age of 10. She has a habit of pushing herself to far, always trying to reach the next level to be more useful to her liege.

Mathew Newgate

Race: Human

Class: Defender (Berserker)

Magic: Force (Will of the Conqueror)

Age: 35

Appearance: Mathew is a tall with a tan and has good muscle tone. He has brown eyes and long black hair. He generally wears just a white trench coat open upon his bare chest. Visible on his chest is a scar that looks like an x. He also wears jeans and flip flops as well as a straw hat.

Bio: Mathew was an adventurer and a good. He was not to good with magic only being able to learn one so far in his life. However he maximized what little he had to become a famous adventurer. He is intelligent and has a lot of combat experience from his time as an adventurer. One day he took a quest to guard a caravan, at the time not knowing it was really a outing for the prince Soma. The caravan fell under attack by a rebel group. After an intense skirmish, only Soma and Aria, under Matheews protection survived with the adventurer. He was taken by surprise by how unfazed the two children seemed to be. He became even more surprised when the two asked him to become their mentor. He agreed and years later asked to become Soma's retainer.


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Soma the empires heir, and his retainers, Aria, and Mathew
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