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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Head Hunting: Unbearable

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Sakrol Leviathan


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PostSubject: Head Hunting: Unbearable   Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:48 pm

At the Head Hunters base Sakrol was looking at the huge noticeboard on the wall were most of the non urgent hunts were listed, waiting to be completed. The hunt requests usually had a description of the target, where was it last seen, the reward one would get completing said hunt and the name of the client written on the paper. Sakrol picked up one of the requests and took a closer look at it. I think this is a good start for now: “A monstrous bear roams the forest and it poses as a thread to all who walk in the forest. Nobody hasn't gotten hurt yet but there have been several reports from people who have been attacked by said thing but apparently the bear is too slow to keep up with them when they ran away from it. Deal with it before we have dead bodies in our hands. Reports state that the monster is a little bigger than a normal bear, it has dark brown fur and one of its eyes seems to be bigger than the other one.” Let's go hunt this bear-thingy, it might be more interesting than this makes it sound like. Sakrol then walked away from the noticeboard with the request with Neurus and they walked through the city to get to the edge of the forest. Sakrol read the instructions on how to get to the area were the bear monster usually was sighted, the instructions were quite simple; follow the dirt path until it splits into two different ways and go to the left one and walk around the area in search of the bear monster. Sakrol did as the instructions said and now he was walking around the place to see if the monster would show up. He was going around in a casual manner taking zero stress from the possibility of a surprise attack on the monster's part, honestly he was waiting for the bear to do something so they could finally get this show on the road. It was annoyingly quiet around the woods and Sakrol didn't notice any signs of a monstrous bear running amok there, could the bear monster have moved to a different area already? Sakrol continued to walk around anyway, he was still trying to find signs of “bear activity” in the area. After a short while though Sakrol heard growling behind some bushes, after the growls Sakrol could hear something slamming itself against a tree. He immediately walked towards the sounds and he pushed the bushes out of his way to see if it was his target that made all that noise. It indeed was the bear monster, it was slamming its full body against a tree that had a beehive on one of its branches. The bear monster was too focused on the tree and the beehive that it didn't notice how Sakrol and Neurus were staring at it. The bear monster did have dark brown fur and its left eye was significantly larger than the right one, but it also seemed to have some sort of armor growing on its back that seemed to be made out of bone and it also seemed to have three purple short tentacles growing out of its clawed front paws that were wiggling. After making sure that this monster was indeed the right target Sakrol charged towards the bear monster and he was going to quickly stab the monster with his sword. Sakrol landed this blow on the bear monster's side but Sakrol didn't get the feeling that his sword's blade had sunk on the monster's flesh. Sakrol quickly noticed that the blade didn't go through the monster's skin at all, the tip of his blade was just there in contact with the skin but not through it. The bear monster obviously now noticed Sakrol's presence and it started growling more loudly, it seemed angry. Before the bear monster could attack, Sakrol tried to swing his sword multiple times in order to cut the bear but none of his attacks made a wound on the damn thing. The bear turned around and tried to hit Sakrol with its huge clawed paws but the bear was too slow and Sakrol was quite fast so dodging it was easy. Sakrol tried to attack the bear multiple times with his sword but it didn't seem to do a damn thing, it pissed him off that his sword seemed useless against it. Damn, I don't know what to do. What is this things weak point!? The bear ran towards Sakrol but as Sakrol dodged the bear only hit the tree that was behind Sakrol, it didn't seem to bother the bear at all as it just turned around and tried again. Sakrol noticed a thick tree in the area as he was fighting the bear with no success and he thought if he could use that tree to squash the bear. It was worth a try so Sakrol moved himself quickly to the thick tree and started to slash the trunk of the tree with his sword in order to cut it in half. The bear was running towards Sakrol again and when the bear was close enough Sakrol kicked the tree to fall on top of the bear. The bear was too slow to be able to change its course in time in order to dodge the falling tree so the tree fell on to the bear's back causing it to roar loudly. The bear stopped moving for a short while but then it lifted the thick tree from its back and tried to attack Sakrol again. Sakrol was amazed that the bear didn't die to that but it was now even more slower than before, it seemed to be limping and the bone-like armor on its back had several deep cracks on them. Sakrol wondered what he should do next, should he continue to make trees fall on top of the bear or try something else. The “tree tactic” probably wouldn't work anymore, the bear monster didn't seem to be that stupid as it was avoiding the trees that Sakrol was standing next to.  Sakrol looked at the cracks on the armor on its back and thought if he could strip it off for a possible spot to plunge his weapon into. Sakrol ran to the side of the bear and hopped on its back, of course the bear starts move violently around as it tries to shake Sakrol off. Sakrol takes a firm grip of the bear's fur with his left hand and starts to hit a part of the armor with his sword's hilt cracking it even more. Sakrol then sheathes his sword and grabs that part of the armor ripping it off and revealing bloody flesh as he throws the armor piece away. He then jumps off from the raging bear and unsheathes his sword, it was time to see if he was now able to plunge his blade through that bare flesh. Sakrol charged towards the bear and he was aiming his sword towards the bleeding flesh, Sakrol plunged his sword with all his strength towards the fleshy part and it sunk brilliantly into the bear making it squirm in pain. Sakrol then pulled his sword back out and he changed the angle of his sword to try and hit some vital organs as he stabbed the bear again. The bear then rolled in order to get Sakrol off from it but Sakrol landed his feet on the ground and he pushed the bear back so it wouldn't be able to roll. Just stand straight and die already, how much internal damage I have to make in order for you to fall!? The bear then suddenly started to run forward in a clumsy way since it was still limping, it seemed to try to run away. Sakrol let go of his sword as it started to move since it was such an unexpected event Sakrol stumbled a little. The bear didn't get too far as it then suddenly collapsed on the ground and ceased to move at all, Neurus walked from the bushes to inspect the bear. Neurus was certain that the bear monster was now dead as it wasn't breathing nor moving, even though Neurus bit it to see if it would react to it. Sakrol walked next to the bear monsters body and pulled his sword out from its bleeding back, by all means Sakrol was victorious. Seems like the end of that story, I guess we should return back now and get whatever reward was promised from this. My sword is soaked in blood though, but I guess that it just shows my victory, I'll clean it when I get the chance. Let's go Neurus, there's plenty of walking to do. Sakrol and Neurus then headed back to the city and to the Head Hunter's base were they would tell them that the job is done and to collect their reward. The hunting business was quite fun and Sakrol was looking forward for more interesting hunts in the future, but he had no idea how he would use all the money that he was rewarded with after a completed hunt so he would just save it for the time being.


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Head Hunting: Unbearable
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