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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 The Duke Mistress

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PostSubject: The Duke Mistress   The Duke Mistress EmptySat Jul 01, 2017 3:32 pm

Yuuhi got a new life after quit from MIRA and release from her duty as servant by her Master Mathew Tepes. the reason behind why Yuuhi quit from Mira . its was in some mission to clear monsters lair.


Now Yuuhi was living as a Mistress . she live on a castle , eat delicious food and enjoying her time reading book. its totally different life for her she now living so peaceful.

"its getting boring . when he will comeback ..."

Yuuhi was sitting on her bed and reading a book . she was waiting for the Duke whos own the castle.
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PostSubject: Re: The Duke Mistress   The Duke Mistress EmptyTue Apr 03, 2018 11:00 am

Because of bored Yuuhi come out from her room. she grab the door handle and open it slowly. someone was standing near the door and bow to her , thats surprise her little bit. it was female butler ,she greet her and Yuuhi greet her back.

"Good afternoon my Lady."

"Ah... yeah afternoon."

Its little awkward for Yuuhi because the butler didsay anything else after greet her. So Yuuhi Leave her and walk . its been a week since Yuuhi was here but she still didn't have a time to explore it because she was only stay on her room. its not because she lazy or something she just didn't want to bother Shin because she didnt know that Shin was a Duke that govern a city and have a big castle so he must be very busy. So she spent her time reading a book inside her room.

its a big castle and its very clean with a fancy properties. it has many maid who do their job ,they seems happy working in this castle. they bow to her as Yuuhi pass by but also yuuhi didn't forgot to bow to them back. thats make them confuse also scare but because feeling awkward Yuuhi quickly walks away. why they scare to Yuuhi she didn't know about it as she walk faster on the corridor . then something was coming from the corner its a maid and Yuuhi bumped her. the maid was bring water to clean the window and the water was spill on all over Yuuhi clothes as they both are falling. Butler who was waiting in front of Yuuhi room following Yuuhi. Yuuhi didnt realize it as she leave the butler but anyway Yuuhi clothes. the butler was mad and the others maid on the hallway quckly run to where Yuuhi is. they was panic as they look at Yuuhi clothes was wet because of the water.

"Useless girl why do you do that!!!. did you realize what you just done !!!. apologize now!!!."

"Forgive me , its my fault i was walking without paying attention. Please forgive me."

The butler was Yelling she was really angry . Yuuhi didnt know what to do and quickly stand up and bow to the maid and the butler and apologize to them. all of them the butler and the maids quckly kneel and ask forgiveness to Yuuhi. Yuuhi was confuse why they was doing that , its was Yuuhi who bump into the maid but why they asking for forgiveness. Yuuhi told them to cut it out because it was her fault.

"No.rise up people its my fault . i was the one who bump to her and wet my clothes."

"No my lady i was yelling to this maid . you dont need to apologize , we are the one who should apologize. Because we didn't give a proper service for you. please dont fire us we still want to work here."

"No!No! i wont you guys was working very hard and seems happy to working just feeling awkward with you guys because when you guys bow and i bow back you guys look confuse and some of you was panic too."

"We bow to you because you are mistress gremory. you dont need to bow to us , we the one who should bow to you. we was soo confuse because my Mistress didnt come out from the room for week and when my mistress come out we are happy and also excited , we try to impress you but it ended up like this."

It was completely total misunderstand between Yuuhi and all of them . Yuuhi was explain to them and they are laugh at what their doing. now the maid was back to work and the maid who bump into Yuuhi apologize to her , Yuuhi said its okay then she back to work.

"Umm... i think i will get back to my room and change my clothes cause its really wet."

"Yes my Lady , please follow me to the main room instead get back to the guest room."

Yuuhi was confuse as the butler say that . so that the room who Yuuhi was spent whole week was guest room and its already that big imagine the main room its must be more huge.Yuuhi follow the butler as she lead the way.
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The Duke Mistress
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