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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 The state of the world

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The state of the world  Empty
PostSubject: The state of the world    The state of the world  EmptyFri Mar 23, 2018 12:21 am

The World after rebirth

The world is named Eos, or at least called so by those who live in it. It is ruled by a single empire that came to rule it through force. The leaders of it having been Three generals nicknamed the Judges, and the previous Emperor who has recently passed. Due to his passing a small council that includes the three judges in it run the Empire. The Heir Soma being forced to prove if he is worthy of the tittle emperor.
The world is in a state of semi peace, though unstable due to how the Yamato empire came to be. Many harbor grudges against it and often small scattered rebellions happen.
The world is also infested with monsters and the miltary does not have enough man power to fully supress every last one, due to this adventurers exist. Often hired to hunt monsters act as guards or other such things. The military as well has often asked well known adventurers to aid in domestic affairs. Because of this military colleges and academies often act as a place for adventurers to get trained at as well. The past Emperor having approved of this thinking of adventurers as a potential resource, though one to monitor.

Recently sighting of a strange black ooze has been reported and said ooze seems to infect whatever it touches corrupting it. Monsters seemed to be attracted to this stuff and so it is referred to as Blight. What it is though many are uncertain.

The world a modern one with magic much like the world before it. Gods do exist in a form called primals. Primals can take physical form but know most primals are never at their full power when manifesting within the world if they do. They can also have children with mortals whether physically or by spiritually conceiving them.

The state of the world  Dark_of_night_by_nightlightmoon-d975q5h
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The state of the world
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