Mystic Shadows

Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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Sakrol Leviathan

Sakrol Leviathan

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PostSubject: Sakrol Leviathan   Sakrol Leviathan EmptySat Apr 21, 2018 6:57 pm

Name: Sakrol Leviathan

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: Leviathan Blooded Half Primal (Son of Leviathan)

Class: Warrior (Knight)

Magics: Water Magic, Chaos Magic, Soul Magic and Death Magic

Appearance: A young man with short black hair that is brushed down and green eyes. He wears a long coat that seems to be made from black snake skin with a green snake silhouette on its back. Under the coat is a dark green hoodie. Black colored pants with a green belt. Short black leather boots with zippers.

Bio: A demon born from a demon father Behemoth and primal Leviathan, the moment when Sakrol was born Leviathan vanished into the sea leaving Sakrol under the care of his father. Sakrol has mostly been living with his father who did his best to raise his son alone while never telling him who his mother was, he only told him that she was gone and Sakrol understood that as her being dead. Though raising him wasn't always that easy since Sakrol was a bit rash and often got into trouble one way or another, this lead to some form of bickering between the two like when Sakrol started practicing to wield a sword thinking he will become the strongest in the entire world. This ambition did not die down even when he got older and instead left to learn to become a full-fledged adventurer at the Honnoji University despite his father's objections at the time. Strangely enough he found this metal box one day under his bed with his name on it, he doesn't remember owning one but as he opened it he found some strange items that seemed to be magical and powerful. Thinking no more of it, he took the items as his own to work as a good start in his life for adventure.


A silver longsword
Immortal Shroud
Djin Metal Vessel
Neurus's Collar (holds the power of the familiar Neurus)
Law of Fortune Law Card


Spirit Body
Eye of the Mind
Serpent Form (his body transforms into that of a giant black sea serpent)

(Abilities only available when in Serpent Form)
Gate of Hell (can go to Hell and back, but is it really Hell?)
Rise of the Sea (the nearby ocean waters can be controlled by him a little, raise the water level, split it, make waves)
Storm Call (a violent thunderstorm will be summoned with lighting and rain)

We write to taste life a second time...
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Sakrol Leviathan
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