Mystic Shadows

Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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  Unari Fen

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PostSubject: Unari Fen    Unari Fen EmptyTue Jul 10, 2018 4:00 am

Character name: Unari

Gender: Male

age: 30 (looks 18)

Race: Lycanthrope (fenrir half primal)

class: Scion (Ravager, Berserker, Sage)

Appearance: a tall, slim man with with lightly tanned skin. short unkempt light brown hair. his left eye is green and his right brown. He wears a green jacket with brown fur lining and tattered blue jeans.

In wolf form he takes on the appearance of a large wolf standing to the abdomen of an average sized man he has dark brown fur that fades to more of a red and a cream underbelly.

Bio: Born of the Great wolf Fenrir's blood Unari has always been an exceptionally skilled shifter. Often able to switch between forms within seconds while maintaining concentration on his natural magic. Though his skill is seldom put to good use. preferring to goof off and joke rather than train. He would often run wild outside the pack feeling as the the world was calling him to explore the wilderness. When he was home he was playing with the younger members of the pack. As he grew he took to the outdoors hunting, and learning to use his magic to grow and manipulate plantlife. As he explored and grew stronger so did his wanderlust leading him to start down the path of becoming an adventurer. Deciding to Leave his friends and family to head for Honnoji University. Bringing with him only his weapon and the clothes on his back. Hunting for food and trading any extra for lodging.

Clawed gauntlets & greaves

Will of the conqueror
Earth, Wind, Plant(life) magic
Wolf Form
Hybrid form
Heightened senses (smell, hearing, mild tremorsense)
Heightened regeneration (heals physical wounds not "HP")
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Unari Fen
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