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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Night Asakura

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Night Tepes
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PostSubject: Night Asakura   Night Asakura EmptyTue Mar 13, 2018 1:52 am

Name: Night Asakura
Class: Scion (Mystic Knight, Dark Knight, Knight)

Magics: Light, Dark, Void, Flames of Spirit.

Race: Dragon Blooded Half Primal. (Daughter of Shinryu)

Age 19

Appearance :

Bio: Night Asakura was born to a human mother, never knowing her father but her mother claimed it was the primal Shinryu. She knew she was dragon blood at least due accidental transformations and accidental dragon breathes. She confirmed though at the age of sixteen she was indeed a half primal when a loss of temper resulted in a rampage and transformation of a different kind. She wields magics naturally almost as if knowing how by instinct. Later in her life she discovered a grimoire addressed to her from A Night Tepes. The Book claimed to be from herself from her past life. It held items to, a ring with a colorless gem with a white fox around it. The gem turned pink when she touched it. A shroud that changed to a coat of her choice by her own will, a necklace and a few other items. She could also re store said items into said book. The book did not say much on what she did in her past life but instead encouraged her to find adventure and experience the new life ahead of her. This is what started her on the path to becoming an adventurer. This is were her story will begin, with her entering the prestigious Honnoji University. A college that trained people for either military life or adventuring for the guild.

Gear: Tepes Grimoire (A grimoire from her past life)
Djin metal vessel
Immortal Shroud
Celest Regalia (the ring holds the power of the familiar Celest)
Law of Fortune
Night dragon blade (Inherited from past life.)

*Notes: As this will be more free form not sure if actual abilities will be written down beyond the baseline stuff and class abilities I wont bother writing down lol.

Breathe attacks
Draconic flare. *Basically amped and condensed breathe attack
Mana burst: Basic outward mana generation can coat skin weapons or just explode out from the body.
Spell weave
Multi magic wield.
Dragon body: Can turn parts of body draconic or take for 3 post a dragon form
The Echo
Eye of the Mind
Spirit Body
Will of the conqueror
Telekinetic Projection
Amped up
Can use her own magics with a good degree of control but it far from what her past life could do still.

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