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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Magic and Ability systems

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Magic and Ability systems Empty
PostSubject: Magic and Ability systems   Magic and Ability systems EmptyFri Aug 22, 2014 10:41 pm

Ok so first off the Magic system. To preform abilities in Gaia you need at least 1 magic. Then you are set. You can start off with a max of 3 magics. I suggest starting with all three as any magic you do not start with you must train to gain them for a total of 10sc. At level 15 your fourth Magic slot will open and at level 30 your fifth and final one will open making the maximum magics you can hold five. Now for five sc you can let a magic go to learn a new one but be warned all abilities tied with the magic will be lost.

Some base Magics of Mystic Shadows are as follows. Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Lightning, Blood, Shadow, Holy, Unholy, Karmaic, Ect. You are even free to make an app for your own self made magic.

The Apocalyptic Magics are rare magics. These magics you must roll to even see if you can obtain or have. The reason for this is all abilities tied to these always have a special affect associated with the magic. However the special affects do not activate until Level 15. Also know Rolls decrease with each one you obtain and you may only roll once for each.  25% for the first one 15% for the second and 5% for the rest.
Example of these are in spoiler.

Now the list of Apocalyptic Magics and there special affect.

Chaos special affect -Entropy of Deconstruction. Chaos magic causes a constant damage when it hits and is able to break down down defenses with time.
Void special affect - Eternal void. Void drains stamina and gives it to the caster every time it hits.
Death Special Affect - Time of death. Death causes a corrosive like affect when it hits.
Life Special affect - Breath of life. Life magic recovers a portion of stamina when used to slay an enemy
Light special affect - Piercing light. Light magic ignores 10% of a users defense.
Darkness special affect - Dark shadows. Darkness magic is 10% harder to perceive.
Soul Special affect - Soul domination. Soul Magic lets you absorb 1 ability from an enemy through soul domination. You can hold a total of 4 soul domination abilities. Any more and you must replace 1 with another.

Ability system. Now as of right now there are five ability categories. Magic Abilities, these are your main action abilities an how many you can have and the cool down rate are level pendant. Then passive, these can vary allowing one to do many things from flight to alter there magic. Then There are job abilities. Then Race abilities. Then the last if Special abilities which there are no limits to the number of these but for a few reasons. Most special abilities will be gained as Arc rewards. Soul magic will be a limit of five monster magics at once however you can replace one of the five abilities if you gain a new one you value more.

Magic Ability system

First you must have at least one magic. Now I will not have any actual abilities listed as they will be up to you. You will just need to list what magic it is tied to, and if it is strength pendant or Prana/Yokai Pendant and what the ability does.
Now the limitations on these. Cool down rates for these abilities are 3 post for lvl 1-40. 41-60 2 post. 60+ 1 post.
Number of ability per level. 1-10 5 abilities.
11-30 10 abilities.
31-60 15 abilities.
61+ 20 abilities.

Passive Ability System
Make a passive ability an admin or mod will look it over and may or may not approve.
Number of passives one can have.
lvl 1-10 4 passives
lvl 11-35 6
lvl 36-40 8
lvl 41+ 10

Class abilities
As Class abilities were not described in the rules they will be here.

Knights - Cheer: Knights can use this ability to boost there own and allies stats by +5 for 3 post. Has a 5 post cooldown.
Assassin - Embrace the shadows: This ability allows one to become invisible for one whole post. Cool down of 5 post.
Ravager - Fury: For 3 post a Ravager can temporarily Adds half of there magic stat to both speed and strength.
Paladin - Mighty Guard: A Paladin can use this to boost they'res and they're allies defense by 10 for 3 post. Cool down if 5 post.
Berserker - Berserk: A Berserker can add half of they're stamina to they're strength or prana/yokai for 3 post. Cooldown is 5 post.
Death Knight - Death strike & Drain:  Can sacrifice stamina to add power to basic attack or abilities. Drain is a spell that absorbs stamina from your foes. Drain has a 5 post cool down.
Sage - Memorize: A sage can copy one ability they see and use it. Once the copy ability is used it is lost and one has to wait 5 post to copy another ability.
Artificer - Magic storage: An artificer can store up to 3 spells from their own ability list. A stored spell can be cast at any time ignoring cool down post. A spell can not be stored while on cool down.
Mage Knight - Weapon projection: Mage Knights can project weapons from they're magic. They can switch weapons once a post. 1-10 they can make 2 weapons per magic type, 11-25 4 per magic type, 26+ 6 weapons per magic type.
Mimic - Mimic: A mimic can copy a one job skill from any class. One from Warrior, one from defender, and one from Mystic. There are two ctaches though. One a mimic must witness the ability used, two all job abilities used under mimic are weaker than the original. A mimic will start off with one mimicked job ability and that is the job they were before becoming a specialist.
Mimicked job skills:
Scion - Mythic Blood: Gets 3 jobs abilities as a special class. One from Mystic, defender and warrior. They can not change class abilities after the abilities are chosen, these are innate and a permanent. However unlike Mimic all job abilities are full power.

Special Abilities
These will mostly be gained from Arcs. Only 4 can be obtained without Soul magic and Arcs. They and how to obtain them are as follows.

Eye of the mind: Increases perception by +10 and allows a person to sense everything within 1 ft for every 10 points in perception. For Mystic class it takes 50sc to learn 75sc for Warrior and Defender to learn.

Spirit Body: Uses one spirit or Aura to cover there body to increase defense and stamina. Increases defense and stamina by +10. Also allows physical attacks to deal full damage to ethreal enemies like a ghost. 50 sc for Defender and Warrior class, 75sc for Mystic class. *note always active once learned*

Will of the Conqueror: Allows one to project there Indomitable will to weaken or worse knock out there foe, but be warned you will be unable to kill those affected. Affects are as follows. If an enemy is 10+ levels above you they are immune to it. Less than 10 levels above you or same level they suffer a -5 stat penalty. If an enemy is lower level than you they suffer a -10 stat penalty. If they are 15 levels lower than you they get knocked out. This ability is something one is naturally born with, this means you must get a roll for it. It is a 10% chance to get it.

Law of Fortune: The very laws of the world favor this individual that not even death can claim them. *lamen terms your character can not die, but you can still get your but kicked and knocked out defeated ect.* Obtained from shop.

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Magic and Ability systems
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