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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Kiku Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Kiku Character Sheet   Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:17 am

Name: Kikukina Liona

Gender: Female

Age: 180 (appears to be in her late 20s)

Race: Half Elf

Class: Mystic

Job: Mage Knight


  • Kiku stands about 5'6" weighing at 157 lbs. She has blue eyes while she is control over her body and red hair. When her duel personality assumes control, her eyes become purple and black highlights form in her hair. She is slim in form and pale of skin. She wears a black hooded cloak that is split up the back until just below her waist. A black and red corseted top and black and red pleated skirt with shin high heeled boots.

Form change Appearance:

  • A dark glowing red silhouette of a humanoid wolf will encase her body. Her eyes now become void of light and darken to charcoal black. Fangs sprout from her mouth and her nails lengthen a few inches.  A faint wind energy flows around her causing her clothing within the silhouette as well as the silhouettes "fur."

Alienment: Chaotic Good/ Bad (depending on controlling personality)

Personality: Kiku is for the most part a very carefree individual until she is faced with extremely chaotic situations, in which case she is first to get into action. When she is in full control, she tries to be light hearted so that others around her do not suspect that she harbors a much crueler personality inside her. She enjoys being the center of attention, but does not seek it unless she feels that those around her need a distraction.
Her dual personality, however, thrives on the thrill of causing chaos in any way they can. Kiku often feels it lurking in the dark places of her mind and dreads the times that she is unable to it within her. Most times when she lets her guard down while in a weakened state or more commonly while she is sleeping or knocked out in battle. Otherwise, she continues on as someone who wears her heart on her sleeves.


  • Early life: Kikukina was born on Gaia unwanted and unloved. She was left to die in the woodlands at a young age by her elven mother who had suffered a broken heart when her affair with a human that ended the relation after he learned of the conception. At the age of five, she was wondering around the woods when she came across a cottage before collapsing from fatigue. An elderly retired mage-knight lived in the cottage with his familiar. The elder didn't know that she was outside until his familiar got his attention and they brought her in. Kiku was raised by this retiree, learning about MIRA and about Gaia itself. When she learned of her magic, he trained her himself until she was in her late twenties when he passed away. After she buried him, she went in search of MIRA to continue her training.
  • Current life: After training extensively at MIRA, Kiku finally felt she was ready to take on anything. She had discovered in her search for a way to better herself and Gaia, that something within her was growing restless and wrecking havoc within her mind. She also noticed those around her distancing themselves from her, not knowing why. She had noticed time would pass her by from time to time. She decided to seek help to find a way to try and control her time lapses and in turn the feeling that was in the back of her mind. This also lessened those around her not acting weird around her.


  • Her magic of choice is that of wind which she uses to forges into either a curved sword that she named herself as Karuel and a bow with arrows she calls Clerric.

Special weapon(s):

  • Rakuyo
  • Evelyn

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Kiku Character Sheet
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