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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Sagatobi Pryo Character Sheet

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Sagatobi Pryo


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PostSubject: Sagatobi Pryo Character Sheet   Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:53 am

Character name: Sagatobi Pyro

Gender: Male

age: 18

Race: Mutant

class: Warrior


Appearance: Sagatobi wears modern ninja attire, with a facemask that changes the way he acts on and off the battle field. Sagatobi is a tall male for his age even though he is just for the age of 18 and he very skiny but he eats like he hasn’t eaten in a couple of weeks.The lower part of his attire is a tight black shinny jean that keeps most of the items that he has collect over the years and that is close to him. His chest is cover by fishnets that go all the way to where his fingers begin. His chest is cover up by light cotton that make light on his feet.
The shoes that he wears are those of a ninja back in ancient Japan as that doesnt weighs him down when he his traveling through the tree or on foot. Sagatobi hands are cover with fingerless gloves that allow him to grip his weapon and keep a hold on it when he either hit up into the air or his knock away. He wear a necklace that as his symbol on it. There is a red ribbon that is tied around the being of his ponytail that he has got from an old friend back before he left for the academy. He also as a wolf tail that shows that he is after all a mutant and that he doesn’t care about what people think about him

Form change: Sagatobi form change is very strange for what he is. Even though he is a wolf muntant he changes into something that is completely different thanks to this change. He changes into a 6'9 bipedal dragon german shepard with mint green fur.  He grows black and teal wings with the teal being in the inside of his wings while the black is outside.  He also gets for horns two in the topper of his head and the other two in the lower part of his skull barely see the tips coming out of his hair.

Alignment: True Neutral

Personality: Sagatobi mindset for most of the time is a happy go getter who wants to make everyone that he meets happy and cheerful when they are around him. He act very different around different people, like when he his around his clint he is very ploite and well remember to always let them get in every word that they have to. He is a laid back positive looking guy who just see the positive side of things and not the negative. The way that he views the world is to accept everyone around you and try to be friendly to them, because he knows that the world outside the academy is a rough place and everyone can us a friend.
Sagatobi has to side of him. There is when he cheerful and always smiling to a cold killer that shows no mercy to whoever he fighting, this side of him comes out when he pulls up his facemask up to his nose. There are a couple of things that he likes. One of them is that he loves wolves to death and protects them with his life, since after all he is a wolf mutant. The thing that he dislikes the most is that when people tease him for what he is.

Bio: When Sagatobi was little he had a happy childhood. Since he was a mutant he tried to play with his own kind but he need up playing with some human children but their parent would always pull them away from him and tell them to stay away from him at all times. When the war between human and mutants started up his parents were drafted into the war and Sagatobi was brought with them so they can keep an eye on him. As the riots starting to get worse when the humans tried to attack the mutants they were able to take many lives in that attack, and two of them where Sagatobi parents. Once Sagatobi saw this he ran into the woods running as fast as his feet could carry him. He trip over an expose tree and fell down crying as he now had no one to take care of him in his childhood. He didn't notice that someone was watching him the whole time as he ran from the bloody battle ground, once he got up an old monk came to him and told him that he had and he would have like to take him under his wing and teach him the ways of ninjatsu. Being a mutant his training was shift and easy; thanks to be part wolf, more so a couple of assassin group where looking to bring them into there ranks. Seeing that the the head of the Ookami clan they wanted the boy for themselves and the monk thought it was best to hand him over to someone else to make sure that his training process more and more. After living up to his 18th brithday the clan leader had told Sagatobi that he was now a free assassin and he can choice who ever he works for. Hearing this news he left the clans lands and become one of the top assassin that work for anyone either good or evil.

Magic and weapons:  Darkness Apocalyptic Magic, Void Apocalyptic Magic. Since leaving the clan Sagatobi had brought a couple of weapons with him; two hidden blade that are in his sleeves one blade as posion the other is to kill, 20 kunais with 20 paper, a kunai with chain and his trusted kanata that he named Kageno Ookami. Is able to summon the Stag of Winter.




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Sagatobi Pryo Character Sheet
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