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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 The Monster that battles Fate

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The Monster that battles Fate Empty
PostSubject: The Monster that battles Fate   The Monster that battles Fate EmptyThu Dec 08, 2016 1:25 am

Night awoke in her bed and sighed. The weight of failure on her chest as her head echoed with pain. The rift had for some reason expelled her and the others, yet it still closed. She felt like that was an omen though. Things were likely going to be getting a lot worse. However there was one major thing that she could do now. It had taken a while to get back to the point of her full power, however it would be her enemies that felt the affects of it. It was time for her to re awaken her grand phantasm, the spell she made to best fate. Fates Requiem, a spell she devised after a battle with a certain man. However it would take a good deal of effort to re awaken it. She would lay down and close her eyes as she would begin her meditation. She figured she would go back to that battle, were the idea for the spell was born.

About five decades after finally leaving Japan Night had come across a lord in Transylvania who was claiming to be her grandfather reincarnated. Personally well, she hated that. She loved and had great respect for him, so anyone pretending to be him was as good as dead. The lord was up to something though, something Night would have never predicted. She easily got into the castle using a basic combination of flight, high speed movement, and her mist form. Though a few dead guards here and there but nothing major. The room she finally came into were the lord was, had been set up as a summoning circle. A rather large one at that. The circle was about 20ft in diameter, made with blood. She could smell it, and had to wonder just who this lord had sacrificed and what was he summoning? Whatever it was she was going to find out soon. The circle began to glow a dark red and slowly matter starting forming into a figure. It was humanoid and the lord started laughing. Ha it is working. Soon I will command one of the greatest. His sentence was cut off though. A golden aura flared filling the entire room. The lord looked on at the partially summoned figure in pure shock as the other five men who were with him collapsed. Will of the conqueror, Night knew it well. However the fact that she and the lord still stood said they also had the same will. However the surprises were not ending there. Golden light formed from behind the spirit that was still in the midst of it summoning and ten, no twenty, no over thirty different weapons pointed out from it. This was not like a mage knights ability of weapon projection, those were actual weapons, the only magic being what they were pointed out of. They were then launched as a barrage at the lord and his fallen men. The lord reacted instantly launching a weapon project, so he was a mage knight, past the oncoming onslaught. He then vanished right before the weapons would have impaled him appearing with his hand on the blade he projected. So he had an ability to teleport to his weapons. The barrage impaled his men though Night knew even with the blood now pouring out of them they were alive. A crueler aspect of will of the conqueror in a way. The lord formed another blade in his hand and two spears by him. He sent the spears at the figure, but it launched spears from the gold gate as before to block them. The lord launched a weapon above the figure but not at it while he charged with his swords. He swung but as he did the figure reacted effortlessly, the more it formed the more power it had. It drew two swords from the same golden gate and met the lords blades with its own. The lord teleported as his blades were destroyed with ease. So that was why he had set the other weapon projection up, smart, but would it be enough? The lord appeared above the figure who was now obviously a male figure clad in golden armor. He came dive bombing a two handed war ax in his hands. The figure now fully formed smirked. You dare try to summon and control me? Learn your place Mongrel! He said as he caught the ax with one hand and shattered it. As the golden clad figure did that a spear appeared from under the lord impaling him. The golden one then drew a golden ax and swiftly decapitated the man. How dull and Pathetic to be summoned by one who is so weak. Now then, who are you? Night stood up from were she was. Just someone who was here to kill the man you just beheaded. The man in gold grinned. Oh and why is that? Night shrugged rather relaxed like. Because he claimed my grandfather names and identity. The golden one laughed. So the mongrel pretended to be your grandfather? No matter I am bored and you will do. Before I return I want a decent fight. He said and launched a single spear at Night. Night projected her dark spear and launched it countering the golden ones spear. The man raised an eyebrow in amusement. Oh? Then the large golden gate opened and multiple arms pointed out of it. Night called back the dark spear and used mass projection to multiply it and also used reign of chaos forming multiple chaos claymores to match the armory pointed at her. The two fired and weapons collided knocking both out of the air. However the golden mans outnumbered her own as nine got by and were coming for her. She activated her celestial blessing through her familiar. Her nine phantom hands catching the last nine weapons. However the vanished in a golden light? No it was more like they were returning from were they came. The golden one had a grand look of annoyance on his face and Night activated alastor 14 blades of void and darkness forming around her. She jumped and four of the blades launched at the man as she landed taking in were each of her claymores had landed. The man was had deflected her swords but she was not surprised. However it was the four phantom limbs coming at him next she expected to leave a mark. However the man snapped and chaos magic cloaked his form stopping the phantom claws. She had her dark spears rise up from their fallen location point at the golden man. She then used her projection overcharge upon them and launched them. The man countered by launching weapons at each one dark explosions filling the air as he blocked them with ease. She furrowed her brow and activated dark inferno and fox fire. Multiple dark chaos orbs formed as well as the ghostly purple flames from the tip of her nine tails. She launched them all, however the man countered just as before. Multiple weapons firing out of the gate of his destroying her spells, one actually cutting her as she failed to dodge it fully. She knew this man was powerful but this was something else. However before she could do anything else chains appeared out of multiple golden gates and swiftly bound her. She launched her Alastor blades at them but they could not damage the chains. Next multiple weapons surrounded her as if about to impale her. She did not even hesitate as they were launched. She became a black mist easily escaping the chains, the weapons passing through her harmlessly. The man looked semi impressed. Guess I underestimated you. Very well I shall grace you with my personal sword. As he said this a weapon rose out of a golden gate by him. It had a golden handle but the blade part was cylindrical, black with red lines and a small golden tip like a drill. The three sections of this so called blade started turning and chaos magic filled the air. A suction pulled her mist form towards the blade which then launched some kind of heavily compressed chaos blast. The blast easily knocked her out of mist form surprising her as she coughed up blood. Just what the hell was this man? She stood up and activated her true form, becoming a black bipedal dragon. As she did her projections vanished as she summoned her blade the Night dragon. She activated awakening a aura version of her forming around her. She could not afford to play with this man. She swung her blade launching two sword beams due to her after image attacking as well. However the man blocked both with ease with the strange sword. The man grinned as if he had just found something of great value. The sword started turning again chaos magic swirling around it with great velocity. Night opened her mouth and let loose her magi breathe weaving void darkness and chaos. As she did the man let loose a much more powerful blast from the sword. The two attacks met however it was Nights who's was being pushed back. He breathe attack being destroyed, the blast soon hitting her, rending her body. The lower half of herself destroyed the damage and shock causing her to fall out of her true vampiric form. Her top half now laying on the floor with glassy eyes as the shock of loss shakes her. The man smirked as his blade vanished into golden light. He turned away from her and said. I am going now, thanks for the entertainment mongrel. For that I will leave you with my name. I am Gilgamesh King of heroes. Do not forget it. He then vanished.

Night opened her eyes briefly as that fight still shook her everytime she remembered it. However that weapon and attack had inspired her. It was the basis she crafted Fates Requiem from. The way the chaos magic had swirled around the blade. The weapon only he had ever wielded the king of heroes, Ea. However instead of just bringing chaos magic she would bring forth the void and darkness as well. A spell to represent who she was while holding parts of the primordial truth of the world However as she lacked the personal knowledge herself only experience the so called truth from the one attack it took time for her to form the phantasm around her blade. However when she finally used it at full strength for the first time she knew she had succeeded. She was now a monster that could fight Fate.

She layed back down and smiled. The next rift she would not fail. She stroked her familiars firm with a smile on her face, she would soon close her eyes and fall back asleep as the sun rose.

SC: 130
WSC: 130

Fates Requiem learned 130/100sc

The Monster that battles Fate Dark_of_night_by_nightlightmoon-d975q5h
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The Monster that battles Fate
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