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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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PostSubject: New arrival   New arrival EmptyMon Mar 21, 2016 4:29 pm

A soft thud echos in the lightly wooded city park as Ryujin falls from the portal leading to his former home. a stream of Ash, Cynders and a wave of hot, dry air following him from his native region. the comforting heat felt coming threw it giving way to the chill of the coming night as the portal closes. with difficulty he stands and looks around, taking in his new surroundings in an attempt to get his bearings in this unfamiliar new landscape. the city streets expanding to his right, and to his left the park continues the trees thickening into a small wooded area that gave him the uneasy feeling of being watched. unsure if its just paranoia or not Ryu decides to go towards the city. After walking the streets for what felt like hours to his tired legs (about 20 minutes) the distinct lack of locals wandering the streets only added to his growing feeling of being watched the gentle tapping of clawed feet following behind him confirming his suspicions. Walking slightly faster Ryujin ducks into an alley then into a construction site on the far end of it, the beast following behind its yellow eyes darting from room to room, attempting to locate him in the labyrinthine collection of unfinished halls and rooms. Ryujin settled on a room on the second floorin the far corner of the construction site as his resting place. to regain energy before he fights his would be hunter; he sits against the wall across from the door his legs crossed and his weapon on his lap as he closes his eyes to sleep.

Dreams of his home under siege play in his head as he sleeps. visions of his family fighting to protect each other and the servents in the ruins of their burning home. ultimately dying before his eyes, at the hand of a supposed family friend drawing out his rage. a loud Growl of agrivation pulling him from his dream slightly as it echos threw the halls. sleep overtaking him again this time he dreams of hunting a pack of hellhounds with his father bring a smile to his face. reminding him faintly of his current situation, pretending to be the prey of the beasts toying with them before drawing them in for the kill.

Ryujins eyes dart open as he hears the claws of the beast clicking on the floor and a now angry growl. the monster lunges at him, and rolling out of the way Ryu throws out a fireball that hangs ominously in the air giving light to the dark room. exposing the creature, and though he has never seen one he has read enough in his fathers books to identify the large canine to be a lycanthrope. he and the beast circle eachother ending with the werewolf between himself and the ball of fire illuminating the room. they atack eachother claw and fang, against Ryujins fist and still sheathed weapon. each time the beast would swipe with its claws the demons fist would swat it away and every attempted bite ended with the sheathed blade shoved in its mouth and if it refused to let go ryujin would kick it in the jaw to force it to release. a sinister smile played across his face as he toyed with the poor creature until he grew bored of seeing it struggle. when he was done he snapped his fingers and the fire ball behind the wolf grew bright and began shooting birsts of cynders at the creature igniting its fur. the lycanthrope runs out of the building in pain and fear, only now realising that it was drawn to far into the city and would burn to death before finding water.

Done with his games and feeling well enough rested Ryujin walks deeper into the city. finding a shop a few blocks away he steal a black shirt to cover his chest protecting it from the uncomfortable lack of heat in this world. 

"need to find someone civil to talk to before this silence drives me crazy." 

he smirks jumping out of the clothing stores broken window and walks calmly away. the stores alarm ringing out behind him. a few minutes later the resounding echo of police sirens cry out from the direction of the store. curiosity at what was happening crossing his mind for a second before he shrugged it off. finally giving up on finding annother person at this hour he settled for finding warmth for the night. stepping into an alley he settled on lighting a trashcan onfire and resting next by to await the heat of the morning sun.

as the sun rises stretching its light across the city Ryujin jumps to his feet basking in the heat of the morning light. rejuvinating himself with the heat for a second before wandering aimlessly around the city for another day. though he did manage to catch the police report covering his robbery at the clothing store on a display t.v. at another store. a sad look on his face as he realised they were right in blaming the clothing theft on homeless people.

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