Mystic Shadows

Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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Name: Ryujin Uroko

Gender: Male

Age: 100 (looks 23)

Race: Demon

Class: Defender

Job: Death-Knight

Appearance: Ryujin stands at 6'3", 175 lbs.he has black shoulder length hair and dark stubble in contrast to his pale skin. He has a slim but strong build. He wears a dark leather trench coat atop a dark blue tee-shirt both with large holes exposing his shoulder blades, black jeans and converse.his right sleeve is roles up revealing the scars on his arm. His eyes are light blue with dark blue speckling, his back and arms are covered in scars from years of battle.

FC Appearance: His eyes are now bright red with orange speckling and slanted pupils. While his torso and arms are covered in dense black scales, his fingers tipped with white claws. Large black wings are now on his back filling the wholes in his clothing. When casting fire magic a faint orang glow can be seen from between his scales brightest on the center of his chest. (All else is the same)

Alignment: Chaotic neutral

Personality: Ryujin is a very calm and collected individual, fearing neither pain nor death. He is easily bored however and something in him is driven to the thrill of battle, leading him into danger often. He occasionally losses himself to his feral instinct to fight, and fears that he may become nothing more than a beast. Despite this constant fear he often attempts to keep the mood around him cheerful, joking often at the expense of his friends. Although he cares little for what people think of him his pride will not let him surrender without at least a small fight. His only goal is to grow powerful, so he can reclaim what is important to him.

Early history: He wad born to the lord of a small volcanic region of the otherworld. Being born in this harsh environment made him grow resilient. From the moment he could hold a sword he was trained to fight, and was taught discipline. His father was a relentless trainer, showing no restraint while sparring giving him many scars before his teens. During training he would on occasion fall into an almost feral state, and has since taken up meditation to help him control himself to a greater extent. Once he discovered his affinity fore fire magic he would often incorporated the flame into his meditations  the dancing fire helping to calm him. As he grew he learned to harness the apocalyptic magic inside him and he created his own style of fighting, mastering his ability synergy over countless hunts with his father.

Recent history: Ryujin returned home accompanied by his father and the head of an alpha hellhound. He remained silent as he walked to his room his heart beat pounding in his ears. He sat in meditation, staring at the small flame dancing inches above his hands. The flame  fades and he awakens and moves outside viewing the night sky before a scream reached him from inside the house. Rushing inside he found himself looking at his parents slain by a angel seeking lordship, the demons serving his house force him to leave before he is killed, and he left for Gaia vowing to grow Stronger and reclaim his home.

Magic: Fire, Void, Life

Weapon: Senshi, ansantsu
Nagamaki, tanto combo



Special Abilities:

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