Mystic Shadows

Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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Lain Falcon

Lain Falcon

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PostSubject: Lain Falcon App.   Lain Falcon App. EmptyWed Mar 04, 2015 2:59 am

Name: Lain Falcon

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Race: Half-Phantom

Class: Warrior

Job: Ravager

Appearance: Lain is about 5'9 and of a slender build. He is light-skinned, has coal grey eyes and green, spiky, medium length hair (think KH's Sora) with few black streaks running through. He wears a blue sleeveless hoodie with green trim and white cargo pants, as well as a regular pair of green and black running shoes. The physical oddities his soul cause are his right eye glowing green, as well as what seems like a shoulder plate from a set of armour on his right shoulder, also green. The plate sticks out about half a foot from Lain's body and is permanent.

Form Change Appearance: Lain's whole body attains a green, ebbing complexion. The right half of his body is normal, aside from the green complexion, but his left half is now clad in a suit of armour. The horn is cut off at the middle, and the helm has a small hole in it, revealing his eye, which also glows green in this form. The armour is black as well as a less opaque ebbing green.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Personality: Lain is quiet, but very inquisitive, sometimes too inquisitive. He is outspoken, but not talkative. He tries to be courteous at all times, but is aggressive towards those he deems unkind. He is usually seen as calm during encounters, sometimes even cocky, and will try to resolve conflicts with words and wit whenever possible. He cares for his friends greatly, and would put them ahead of most anything.

Bio: Lain had a relatively normal childhood; he was born a perfectly healthy baby boy to his human parents, went to school, made friends, etcetera. The only notable fact of his life is the fact that his father was a Head Hunter. Yep, the dare-devil, super cool monster hunters; At least, that's how Lain always saw them, and you could imagine what a role-model his father was to him. However, Lain can only imagine his mother didn't think this a good thing, and one day, when he was around 12 years old, she walked out. His father never explained it, only saying "She had to leave for a while." She never came back, and since they always argued about his job, he understood what happened. Not long after his mother left, he started training with his father to become a fighter, a Head Hunter. As he got older, his father started taking him along on simple missions, to get him used to the life-style. He was only ever taken on one mission that was not so simple: to exterminate a newly made monster nest in a nearby forest. Lain accompanied his father and 5 other Head Hunters on this mission. It went very smoothly and they completed their mission easily, but as they were celebrating, what seemed like a giant lion, a Chimera, jumped out of a nearby brush, roaring. Before Lain could register the situation, the creature had swiped at him, an attack that Lain's father protected him from, with his own body. Unfortunately, that was not enough, and the attack sent the both of them flying. Lain died instantly, and his father was barely hanging on. As the Chimera chased the other hunters, who were aware of their chances and running away, Lain's father crawled over to him and, with what little essence he had left, tried to heal his son's wounds. Before he lost consciousness, he managed to instil life back into his son, but not fully revive him. For a while, Lain laid there, in a comatose state, until some Head Hunters came along in response to the lack of returnees from the mission, and found him. So, finding Lain next his dead father, who was a good friend of quite a few Head Hunters, they took him back to their Head Quarters and cared for him. It took Lain 3 months to wake up, to which he found himself only half alive, as well as  fatherless, but, the residents of the Head Quarters told him he had a home there. So, after taking a bit of time off to cry himself dry, Lain accepted their offer, made his home there, and got to work on his new life.

Weapons: Ebony and Ivory

Magic: Life, Death, Fire
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Night Tepes
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Lain Falcon App.
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