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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Mystic Intelligence and Response Agency aka MIRA

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Night Tepes
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PostSubject: Mystic Intelligence and Response Agency aka MIRA   Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:13 pm

Basic info

MIRA is the world governments basically police judge and jury for most things that lurk in the shadows. They are the guardians of the World Government, the watch dogs. Monster and criminals of various kinds often get dealt with by MIRA. However due to the lack of field agents and intelligence agents they often times can not take care of everything and often just focus on the more severe cases often relying on other agencies, local police and or military pending on the situation. There is a branch for every region. *Note Regions are what use to be countries of the world so like US, Japan, China, Russia, UK and such.*

The Chain of Command for MIRA is as follows.

The World Gove director MIRA. - This is the director of all of MIRA and is naturally a member of the world Government council and is considered the supreme authority in MIRA.

Regional Commander - The regional commander often come from Lieutenants who have proven time and over that they not only can hold there own in combat but has the ability to adapt to there situation and make the best of what they have. They are master tacticians and combatants.

Lieutenants - Each region generally has two Lieutenants. Lieutenants are generally both tactician and combatant. A lieutenant can generally take on a mission or job on there own due to there skill.

Captain - A captain is also known as a team leader. There are generally three as generally each region has three teams of field agents which generally consist of a team of three.

Field Agent - These are the members of MIRA who go out into the field, investigate battle, kill. They are basically the grunts however the requirements needed to even be a field agent or member of MIRA the grunts are often above average in skill and combat.

Intelligence Agent - Intelligence agents are generally the lead technicians and informants. However because they are the ones always on top of knowledge and current events they do not go out into the field and generally do not end up in combat. *Ideally this is an npc sect of the group.*

General requirements - The general requirement of joining MIRA is either proof you can handle yourself in a situation that deals with monsters and danger. Often times this means a member of MIRA being witness to what one can do. This though is part of the reason they are so under maned, and also why often lesser criminals have ended up Field agents. also one has to be a legal citizen of the world gove. This means if a vamp lycan angel or demon you must be registered.

Resources: They have the government funding them and research. They have personal living quarters and entertainment generally within the HQ as in part to remain out of the public eye. They also have access to government intel and files. There resources over all are vast.

Restrictions: Generally MIRA needs to toe the line of the law and follow basic regulations of warrants and such. However they are still have freedom to act within what they are bound.

Branches: Note members can exchange between branches. However until the branches enter the RP I will not post them.

US Branch
Commander: Zero

Lieutenants: Cia Hikari
Night Tepes

Captains: Ezezal

Field Agents: Ran
Sagatobi Pryo
Vergil Cole
NA Teams:


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Mystic Intelligence and Response Agency aka MIRA
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