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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Rp Rules and intro

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PostSubject: Rp Rules and intro   Rp Rules and intro EmptyFri Aug 16, 2013 2:30 am

Brief history and lore
Welcome to the world or Mystic shadows. A world at most only similar to the one many live in. Here magic and monsters have always been. From Vampires to Demons. In this world humans are still the dominate race due to a few reasons. One being pure population as humans repopulate very fast. The other major reason is because none of the other races could exist without humans. Vampires and Lycans breed by spreading there curse through the humans. When a human dies they become either a bound to earth as a spirit, or they advanced and become either Angel or Demons.
Magic has always existed in this world and has helped many become artisans or lead to grand architects, and has been combined with science itself. However many warriors have weaponized magic to increase physical and combat capabilities. This along the lines of history caused many wars and much strife in countries, some at times were demolished from within due to monsters. However the times of country wars have ended as the governments united as one. However unrest still exist as monsters still appear. Crimes still happen, so to deal with this MIRA was created. MIRA stands for Mystic Response and Intelligence Agency. MIRA often deals with the more dangerous monsters as well as criminals and terrorist organizations that involve magic and or monsters. Also within the last thirty years all Angels, Demons and Vampires and Lycanthrope have been forced to register what they are and who they are with the government. If they refuse they can be arrested or worse slain. This has given rise to an terrorist group called the Arbiters. They claim they want equal rights for all beings. Yet they have sown chaos and death in this campaign and have not really promoted equality. Also to deal with more common monsters like giant magi infused rats to potential boogeyman gave rise to Head Hunters. People who hunt monsters disturbing the common people, generally monsters MIRA does not have time for.
The world seems over all peaceful, yet strife exist. How one lives is up to them. So how will you live in this world? Will you dance in the Mystic Shadows as a protector, a Rebel or a Terrorist. Or a Simple citizen? it is up to you.

Getting started
To get started simply make a character app and post it in the character application forum. Me or a moderator will look over the app and approve it or tell you what you need to work on for the app to be approved.

Growth and power
So Here on Mystic Shadows you will start as a lvl 1 character. You will have six different stats which will basically determine how well you do in battle. The Six stats are as follows. Strength, Speed, Defense Stamina, Perception, Prana/Yokai. Lvl system is simple, for every 100 sentences you will gain one lvl. For every level you will get six stats points to spend as you see fit.
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^^^ Use this help know your sc.

Stat system
Your base stats will look like this
Now pending on class will pend your final base stats. Now what each stat does
Strength- How physically strong your character is. This will judge how strong you are and the damage your physical attacks will do.
Speed- This is how fast you move. Kind of basic, the more speed you have the faster you can move, however note you can be faster than what you can see so just a small tip.
Stamina- How much damage you can take. The more stamina you have the more damage you can take and how much energy you can exert.
Defense- Another self explanatory stat. This stats dictates how well you can handle damage, the more defense you have the less damage you will take form spells and attacks.
Perception- This stat dictates how well you can see and sense the world around you, the higher your perception the better your sense become.
Prana or Yokai- This stat is how powerful your magic and or energy attacks are. The higher it is the more powerful and more advance your spells are and can be.

Class's and Jobs
There are three class's and these classes dictates what stats you specialize in and get a boost to. There is also a fourth class called Specialist. It becomes available at level 25 and must be purchased from Shop.

Warrior: This class specializes in using magic to increase physical power. Base bonus is +5 to speed and strength. at lvl 10 and every ten levels you will get +5 points to strength and speed.

Mystic: This class specializes in the very power of magic itself, and are often able to see more than most. Base bonus is +5 to Prana/Yokai and Perception. At lvl ten and every ten lvls you will get +5 to Prana/Yokai, and Perception.

Defender: This class specializes in the use of magic to increase there durability. Base bonus +5 to defense and stamina. At lvl 10 and every 10 lvls you get +5 to defense and stamina.

Specialist: A specialist can choose what they specialize in deviating from the normal warrior, mystic and defender class. Every ten levels such as 30, 40, 50, 60 +5 gets added to the two selected stats to specialize in. The specialist class can be purchased from shop at level 25. All stats gained from previous class stay the same

Jobs- Jobs are basically the style and way one uses there specialty. Do these variations many different ways exist in this world. There are three jobs for each class and one can change there job for 100sc. One may only switch there job once a week. Jobs are as follows for each class.

Knight: Knights focus almost purely on strength and technique as well as providing boons for allies and often have codes of honor. Knight's often end up leaders due to there bravery in battle.

Assassin: The Assassin class focuses heavily on speed and stealth often aiming to deal death from the shadows.

Ravager: This warrior class has no fear of holding back and generally mixes speed and strength to release devastating magics.

Paladin: The pinnacle of defensive magic. Paladins often can shield there allies from harm or heal wounded. However they are also skilled in offense so be wary.

Berserker: The most dreaded job of the Guardian class. Berserker's often use magic to transfer there stamina into pure raw power at the cost of momentary insanity.

Death Knight: Death Knights specialize in using there stamina boon to sacrafice life force for bonus in power while also being able to drain life force as well.

Sage: Sage's study magic and the old ways. They specialize in using magic with no alteration just in it's purest form.

Artificer: The Artificer combines magic and science weaving both together as one. They are known for hunting the mysteries of the universe while trying to create the future. The excel in both spells and tech use combining both for a impressive combination.

Mage Knight: Mage knights are the odd balls of the mystic class. yet this is why many have often seen them as something to fear. They can use spells and channel magic into a single weapon conduit or forge there magic into the forms of weapons. *note for magic forging the limit is as follows. lvl 1-10 2 weapons per magic type. 10-20 4 per magic type, 20 and up 6*

Mimic: The mimic, a mimic class can freely use any ability from any class not being restricted by there job. Mimics can be considered the ultimate job because of this as a jack of all trades. However they do have weakness's. Any ability specified for a specific class, or job not a specialist or mimic take do 10% less damage and take 10% more stamina.

Scion: Scion is an inherit specialist class. They can only have the stat gain of Mystic, Defender, or Warrior. Unlike mimic they do not get to choose their stat gain freely. Because of this they can use the full power of any three jobs though. However they can not switch job abilities either, and job abilities outside of Specialist take 10% more stamina.

There will be several races and some variation of the human race. Each race will com with special abilities and potential weakness's.

Human: The basic and dominant race of the world. Humans have little advantage but also little disadvantage. There only racial ability is called wild card. This ability means they can transition into any race. This also affects there death rules due to possible racial transition to demon or angel upon death. Humans can have either Prana or Yokai and for 150sc can switch to one or the other.

Meta Human: Meta humans are humans who are either born with, or cause genetic variation in they're dna. This variation prevents transition to vampire or werewolf. However they can still become a cyborg. Or demon or angel upon death. There racial ability is called evolution. Instead of starting with only being able to have 3 magics, they can have 4 and they learn abilities 25% faster than every race. This mean if an ability needs 100sc to learn for a mutant it would be 75sc. Upon death or transition to a cyborg the evolution ability is lost. Prana or Yokai can be used and 150sc to switch to one or the other.

Elves: Elves are often mistaken as human. However elves are longer lived, often have odd colored hair, eyes, and have the trade mark pointed ears. Elves do not age once they reach adult hood so they can live a very long time. However they can be killed like any other mortal being. Elves can transcend to Demon or Angel upon death. Elves can have Prana or Yokai as well. The Elves racial skill is called Force of Nature and as long as they are on Gaia they get a +5 to all stats. However there weakness is that Iron burns them and it takes at least 5 full post for an iron burn to recover.

Lycanthrope: Lycanthrope, more commonly known as werewolfs are monsters who were once humans. The ones that live within society are the ones who have not become moon called and still have there senses and wit about them. Lycanthrope have two racial abilities, Beastial regeneration - Lycanthrope can regenerate severe wounds and even lost limbs however the stamina form injures and such are still lost and can result in death. Also much like they are known for the second ability is wolf form. Once a post a lycan and morph into there wolf form and in wolf form the have a different ability list then what they have in human form *meaning Lycan have 2 ability list, 1 for human and one for wolf*. For a human to become a Lycan they must be bit. Lycan however do have weakness to silver and injury from a silver weapon causes a poison like affect to them. Lycanthrope can only have Yokai.

Vampire: Vampires are monsters who drink blood and born from blood. Never aging immortals that have haunted the world and history since Vlad the Impaler. The ones that live in society are ones who have not succumbed to there blood lust becoming Blood Fiends. A human can become a vampire only if a vampire both drinks there blood and feeds the human there blood. Vampires have three racial abilities. One is a natural affinity for blood magics and resistance to blood magic. Second one is a choice shadow bat swarm, or mist form. Both are forms that can be used to avoid damage and or travel distances. The forms have a 2 post cooldown rate. The last one is blood regeneration. Vampires can quickly regenerate wounds limbs organs and can only be killed if both heart and brain are destroyed. However stamina is still lost defeat is still as easy as any other and vampires can only recover stamina by drinking blood. Sunlight does not kill a vampire but it does weaken them. While in sunlight a vampire suffers -5 penalty to All stats. Also vampires have a weakness to holy *note holy not light* magics. Vampires can only have Yokai.

Angel: Angels are humans who have passed on to the otherworld and still had the will to live. They are beings of light but still have a rather human appearance. A human who dies only transitions to an Angel if they have Prana instead of Yokai. Angels naturally deal more damage to lingering spirit class monsters. They also have a natural immunity to holy magics while being weak to unholy magic. Also Angels can naturally travel between Otherworld and Gaia. Angels can only have Prana

Demons: Demons are humans who have passed onto the Otherworld and still had the will to live. They are beings of darkness but often have a rather human appearance. A human who dies only transitions to a Demon if they have Yokai instead of Prana. Demons naturally deal more damage to lingering spirit class monsters. Demons have a natural immunity to unholy magics while being weak to holy magics. Demons can also travel between Otherworld and Gaia. Demons only can have Yokai.
*Both Demons and Angels have otherworld regeneration which allows them to regenerate injuries limbs and organs but like all regen all injuries take the toll of stamina. They also have Otherworld Boon, while in otherworld they gain +5 to all stats.* Also the weakness and res to Holy and unholy are 50% each, they will take 50% damage from what they are weak to but take only 50% damage from there resistance.

Beastmem: Beastman are human looking for the most part, however they all have animal traits often unique family to family. From cat ears and tails, to the wings of a hawk. Beastmen get a +5 to perception naturally, they also have animal communication allowing them to speak with animals. They s a people have often been nomadic traveling from one town or city to the next. They often do not trust easy because of past racism and often live on the fringe of society.

Undead: Not all zombies banshees and such are mindless monsters. Actually a good number have in recent years retained there minds after death. However they are often stilled shunned by society because of being undead. Undead have some of the widest range as a race, they have natural resistance to poison, and to death apocalyptic magic though they are more vulnerable to life magic. They also can revive once a thread.

Dragon blood: A bit similar to beastmen dragon blood are human esc and can even be conceived by one human parent. The dragon blood generally have scales horns or even tail, or tails. This often makes them stand out in a crowd and in the past were once thought to be demons due to there appearance. Though even with all this dragon bloods often take some pride in there race and have a primal instinct of sorts at times having led many to become adventurers or join the military. Dragon bloods have a natural breathe weapon. There breathe being infused with their natural magics. Giving even a child a way to defend themselves in some situations. Also there blood grants a natural + 5 to defense. However they are mortal just like a human.

Half breeds: Half breeds are only possible with humans. The three types of half breeds are as follows.

Dhampir: Half humans half vampire. Dhampir can only be born of a human mother and vampire father. They share all the same racial abilities and weakness of a vampire and can over time transition to a full blooded vampire.

Nephilihm: Half Human, half Angel. Nephilihm can be born from any kind of human angel parentage and share all the same racial abilities and weakness as Angels and can only transition to full Angel upon death.

Half Devil: half Human, Half Demon. Half Devils can be born from any kind of human demon parentage and share all the same racial abilities and weakness as Demons and can only transition to full Demon upon death.\

Half Elves: Half Human half elf they often take after there elven parent but may take human qualities as well. Though not always obvious to others as elves are mistaken for humans enough as is. Same racial skill weakness and Form change as Elves.

Half Phantoms: Half Phantoms are humans who have almost died or experienced a death like state. There souls are more ephemeral because of this and often they start manifesting around the half phantom as an aura a animal part or some oddity often taking the color of there prana or yokai. Half Phantoms have two racial ability. The first much like the monster's phantom and specters a half phantom has ethreal body. This reduces all physical damage by half however is negated by one with spirit body. There second is Soul Split. There soul takes a physical form outside of the half phantoms, the appearance varies between every half phantom. The split soul can then take it's own actions and it has all of the magics and abilities as the host. This means both body and soul can fight apart from one another. However this is also a half Phantoms weakness as both body and soul share the same stamina and life force, so if the body takes damage so does the soul, the same works in reverse. If the same attack hits both body and soul at once both take damage essentially doing two times the damage. Half Phantoms also have Phantom regen, there soul heals wounds and there soul will physically manifest to replace lost limbs.

Half Primal
Half Primals, also known as demi gods. This is a race template that can be added onto one of the already existing races. A half primal does not have to be directly sired. A half primal can be born when a pregnant mother gets to close to a gods mana or life force, purposely infused with the ichor of one or such. As such Half primals are not extremely rare but are still rare none the less. Half primals on top of having their base race benefits also get mana regen, sacrificing stamina to heal wounds and overtime consuming mana from their surroundings when resting. At the sacrifice of a level a half primal once a thread can revive themselves. Also a half primal starts with awakening but does not gain additional fp from the base 3 until after level 10. A roll of 25 or less out of 100 is needed to obtain this race template.

Form change
Form change is unlocked at level 10. You start with three FP Form points. For each form point you can maintain the form for one post, you recover these points for each post you are out of the form change. Form points can be bought in shop *limited number per character* And one point is gained every 5 levels. The Forms changes listed are considered the races ultimate forms and there for while in Form change all stats get a +10 bonus. Also Form changes grant temporary bonus abilities while in it. 1 for when you first unlock it, the you will gain another bonus one unique to your form for every ten levels.

Humans - Channeling: Humans simpley channel extremes amounts of Prana or Yokai through there body causing it surround them in an aura. Color varies between people.

Meta Humans - Channeling or extreme mutation: Channeling same as Humans. Extreme mutation is when the mutated cells of a Meta human temporary become extreme due to large amounts of Prana or Yokai. The Mutations vary between one to another. *note nothing above ten feet tall*

Elves - Gaia Force: A powerful Aura of nature that often takes the form of an animal or plant that cloaks the elf. The aura will do both physical attacks and cast spells with the elf moving in unison often increasing the range and always increasing the power. *form of aura and color is up to the user nothing over 10ft in size*

Lycanthrope - Supreme hunter: Lycans turn into a anthromorphic version of there wolf form becoming dominant hunters and gain access to both ability list. Appearance varies from each wolf.

Vampire - True Vampiric form: Ever heard the old tales of Vampires who could take the appearance of Demons or how Dracula had the form of a Dragon? That is because of the Vampires True form and each one is unique to the vampire and often times shows there true nature. *note like Mutants 10 ft is the max size*

Angels and Demon - True form: Angels and Demons often appear human, but this is a restriction of there full power however when in there true form they are ready to go to battle. The true form can vary between Angel and Demon and often do. *note ten foot max size limit like the rest*

Half Phantoms: Phantom Lord - The soul and body fuse together and how this looks differs for every Half Phantom however they all remain human sized. *Note Soul Split becomes Soul clone during this form change*

Beatsman: Power of the wild - Some were between human and elves, an aura will cloak a beast man taking the shape of there animal selves. Color varies of course and the aura will mimic the beast man in attacks and spells.

Undead: Call of undeath - Spectral flames will come forth from the undead, color being specific to each. The flames represent their life force and can aid them in their attacks and spells. It also is one of the only Form changes that grants a natural affect. All attacks while in this form will start to decay what they hit. The affect can be stopped at will by the undead.

Dragonblood: Dragonic power: The dragoon blood will take the form of a small dragon for their form change. This will increase the power of their breathe attack. *No bigger than 10 ft in size*

Half Primal: Primal Trance: Channeling their divine blood a half primal will take on a unique form based on base race and divine parent. *No more than 10ft in size*

Alignments are simple is your character, lawful good chaotic good, lawful evil ect. Basically you characters morale code in a nut shell.

M.I.R.A.: MIRA or Mystic Intelligence and Response Agency, is the World governments Leading group on dealing with crimes involving magic and dealing with Monsters. They are often times the defenders of the people and sometimes world yet the Government does not make there exploits known to the public often as most times they end up both the police and the executioner.

Head Hunters organization: Though not really a group this organization is what can give others the official License to go out and hunt the smaller monsters that the MIRA does not often deal with. Though there are times however were Head Hunters have been known to team up.

Arbitters: officially labeled a Terrorist organization by the world government though they call themselves an equal rights group. They claim to protest for vampires lycan angels and demons to have the same rights on Gaia as Humans. As the humans run the world government and the rest can only have small input and humans often time discriminate against the other races. However the Arbitters Leaders have never been seen and they have never really protested but instead have had smaller cells all around the globe make attacks upon the public and the government.

There are a many different Monsters that lurk in the World of Gaia. Many often appearing in old text and Mythologies. From Blood crazed Vampire, to mooncalled Lycan to insane mutants. All kind of monsters exist, and all can be dangerous. *More will be added in Lore section*

Arcs also known as Campaigns are the major story lines that will occur here. Many will often involve crossovers and rewards will be handed out at the end of an arc. So yeah simple really.

Death rules
Well deaths will sadly happen and yeah I know they suck. However if you are human and you die you will keep your level and can transition. Or you can choose for the character to just die and restart with a new character. I will be nice and say if you die you can keep 75% of you level rounded up. However I will also say you can possibly revive the character as there will be a revive item in the shop. If revived teh character will still lose 5 levels.

Sc Rules
You will submit your Sc every week by Saturday in the SC Submition forum, your submition should look like this

Link to the thread
Sc in Thread
Over all SC

You will provide a link for every thread and at the end add up all your sc from them and that is the over all sc. If you do not submit the sc by the due day it will not be counted, remember you are in charge of your own sc no one else.

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Rp Rules and intro Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rp Rules and intro   Rp Rules and intro EmptyWed Sep 23, 2015 1:33 pm

Additional SC and level rules

A max of five levels can be gained a week for lvls 30-50

A max of 10 for lvls 1-29

A max of 3 lvls for lvl 51 and above

Any more than a 100 sc in bank will become gold.

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Rp Rules and intro
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