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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 New Lesson and Relaxation

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Sakrol Leviathan

Sakrol Leviathan

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New Lesson and Relaxation Empty
PostSubject: New Lesson and Relaxation   New Lesson and Relaxation EmptyThu Jan 05, 2017 4:39 am

Sakrol wakes up this morning, all by himself for a change. He feels like he had seen a weird dream last night but it felt so real as there was Night and those other people, that were called Ryujin and Kiku. Sakrol shakes the thought and the strange feeling off, probably just his vivid imagination so he decides to leave bed for now and as he was Jon burst the door open with his usual style. Good morning Sakrol! Oh, you are already awake, that is great! I have great plans for today and you are part of it, as I want to impart unto you a useful skill. That way I don't have to be so worried of you all the time, or maybe I do but anyway just get ready and eat some breakfast. Jon then left the room returning to the kitchen to drink coffee and such, Sakrol only shook his head and mumbled to himself as he put the rest of his clothes on. Neurus was following him as obediently as usual, though the familiar hoped that Jon would really impart something of use to Sakrol since he isn't always listening to his advice. At the kitchen table Sakrol sat down to eat whatever Jon had made today and drink a glass of water, Sakrol then looked at Jon and spoke. So, what is it that we are going to do today? Jon chewed and swallowed the piece of bread he had first and replied to answer Sakrol's question. Ah, yes, I decided that it would be best to teach you how to use Mind's Eye, this way you can actually size up your opponents before taking them on much more detail. You know, like you can actually see if it would be a fight worth fighting for as you never know when you might make the mistake to challenge someone far superior than yourself. Sakrol was unsure if Jon was implying something, but the skill sounded like something that might be useful in the long run and there was nothing to lose anyway in learning it. Right, okay then. We gonna go out again? I don't really feel like going too far today, I was thinking of a staying close by and take a nice stroll or something... Sakrol said to Jon, not being overly enthusiastic but nor was he really complaining. No need, I can teach you this skill right here in my apartment. It isn't physical toil and will only require you to work with your mind, but since I know it won't be so easy for you to learn it I wrote a step by step instructions to assist you when you train it yourself. Jon said and pulled out the piece of paper with the instructions just like he said, he gave it to Sakrol and he put the instructions on the table for now as he finished eating breakfast.Sounds good I guess, well I am done eating so let's get this over with. Sakrol said with a slight motion of his hand as he stood up from the chair and stretched himself a little, he was ready to do this. Okay, will do! Let's use the living room as it has more space, come then and listen to me carefully. Jon said with a smile, it was time to teach Sakrol Mind's Eye.

Once in the living room, Sakrol and Jon were standing opposite of each other and Jon spoke. Okay, close your eyes... Calm your mind and then focus. Try to sense my presence and we will continue from there. Sakrol closed his eyes and tried to do as Jon instructed, though this sort of training was never appealing to Sakrol but guess he could manage. Sakrol would just stand there his eyes closed for some time, as he focused his mind and actually sense Jon's presence to determine his position in the room. Are you getting the basics Sakrol? I will move to another position now and try to determine which way I am but keep your eyes tightly closed. Sakrol slightly nodded in understanding, Jon would move and after a minute Sakrol pointed to his left his eyes still closed. Ah, you got me! So, I am sure it isn't perfect but you can sense my presence for now but now I want you to practice this until you are able to sense how much stronger I am to you. When you do you can always determine if you are able to take on someone or something in a fight, should be valuable information on the battle field right? Jon said and smiled to Sakrol as he opened his eyes, Sakrol folded his arms and raised his eyebrow at that. If you really think so, I just feel this skill doesn't really fit me though... But I guess I will just do it, so then you don't have to pester me about it later that I "refused" to learn it... Sakrol said and visited the kitchen to grab the instructions paper, guess he would do this a little before heading out. Jon on the other hand headed out immediately, he had business to do somewhere else and he will return when he is finished with the business and visited the food store. Sakrol read the instructions in the paper as he sat down on his bed in his room, he then would close his eyes again and try to focus his thoughts to sense the many other people living in this apartment complex.

Though after some of that boring training Sakrol went over to the kitchen to grab a drink, since he got thirsty and he wondered if this skill was really worth the hassle? Well with a glass of water in hand he returned to his room to sit on his bed again and have the glass of water on top of the small drawer next to the bed. Sakrol would use some more time training, as he did so he started to finally sense the people around him were nothing too special in strength. A common street thug could beat them up, but the fact that he is able to determine that much, did it mean he had succeeded in learning the technique fully? Sakrol would probably ask Jon later, but this was enough for him for today and he headed out for a walk in the city and Neurus happily followed as the familiar liked these walks.

As he walked from place to place Sakrol used the time to also ponder about the meeting he had in the Otherworld with his father, Sakrol really wanted to get even with the guy but he was so fast and strong. Upon challenging him Sakrol only got hurt in the process, Sakrol wondered what on earth he would have to do to surpass the guy's power? Even learning this new ability, the Mind's Eye, was probably not going to be much of a help in that regard. Was it really impossible for him to win the guy ever? Sakrol was unsure and first time in his life he felt doubt, he was doubting his chances against him. Would any amount of training be of any help either? I mean his father is a super old and powerful demon, was Sakrol himself even be capable of beating him even after all this training and learning? Sakrol feared that none would be enough and that it would only take years to get close to his father's level to even be at equal ground, maybe Sakrol was just thinking too much too soon? Sakrol decided to shake such thoughts off for now and think about the things that would happen more recently. But he was not much of a planner, he didn't have much of any friends to be with even, Sakrol had somewhat noticed how people on Gaia gather together and have fun and such. With such notion he had noticed how lonely he can sometimes be, in the Otherworld he didn't really trust many others living there and keeping a safe distance from everyone else seemed like a viable tactic to survive. Here on Gaia the danger seemed much smaller, and people were much more trustworthy of each other. Maybe Sakrol was just thinking too much today? Maybe it was best to relax and stroll around town and sometimes practice the Mind's Eye, sounded like some nice change.

Sakrol decided to visit the lake first, he hasn't really been swimming lately so it might be good to relief some stress. There he would occupy his usual spot and go for a dive, while his familiar Neurus stayed on surface guarding his boots. As usual, the fish and aquatic plants were scattered here and there. Sakrol was kinda just enjoying himself since he could breathe underwater so he can stay submerged as long as he wanted, maybe even discover some treasure while he was at it but unlikely. The only downside in this swimming expedition was that he would be completely wet clothes included and probably would smell like the lake water until he would bathe and clothes be washed. Well, he could worry about that later, and Jon usually cleaned his dirty clothes after he had taken a bath. While at it, Sakrol practiced his Mind's Eye underwater, but as he did so he did sense some big thing swimming in the lake. Curious indeed, but it did not seem hostile whatever was out there, maybe one day he could go see what it was but right now it was time to get back to the surface and do other things. Sakrol swam back to the shore where Neurus greeted him, he also came to the conclusion that perhaps it wasn't a good idea to come swimming first as he was indeed completely soaked and smelled like the lake itself. Well, Sakrol could not help it but return back to Jon's place even though there was not much to do there except watching TV and reading books, a habit of reading was stuck on Sakrol as he did not find the TV all that amusing so what else is to demon to do there? Sakrol walked back, leaving a nice path of dripping water in his wake until his clothes would dry up some.

Back at Jon's place Jon was not home yet, well in the meantime Sakrol might as well eat something and finish one of the books he started. Sakrol would grab some bread and lay down on the couch with the book on his hand while Neurus took a nap, Sakrol had immersed himself in the book's story and was reading it with genuine interest as he wanted to know how the story will continue. But after a while Sakrol snapped out from the book as he had almost forgotten to practice Mind's Eye, guess he should... Sakrol changed into a sitting position and closed his eyes, he was trying to perfect this skill and once again sense the people around this place. He would do this for a good while, things started to seem more clear to him as he practiced which was good. Guess this wasn't so bad after all, Sakrol focused on his practice for now until he came to the conclusion that he had mastered it. Sakrol returned to his book, glad that he had learned at least something today. As time passed however Sakrol had fallen asleep on the couch, the book lying on his chest. Jon soon returned and noticed the sleeping Sakrol, but also noticing the smell of lake water. Well he was not going to wake Sakrol up for now, he can wake up on his won and when he does Jon will usher Sakrol to take a bath. Jon went to the bathroom to get the washing machine ready, since those clothes had to be washed as well...

Mind's Eye Learnt 75/75 SC

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New Lesson and Relaxation
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