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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 A New Start

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PostSubject: A New Start    Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:36 am

After the Last Mission Yuuhi was promoted . she was asked to be moved to Another MIRA Branch . She asked to be moved to Japan branch , she was hoping to Fight together again with her Master. MIRA was agree with it and she was transfered to Japan Branch.

"So this is the HQ ? ."

"Well what are you waiting for ?."

Yuuhi was standing in front of MIRA HQ Japan Branch . she was coming with Kuroka the Nekomata who was freed by her Master on the last Misssion. Yuuhi was told to live along with Kuroka since Her Master can't bring her home. Yuuhi was offering to Her master to Live with her in America but he refuse. he didn't give the details to Yuuhi . he only told her that he was living at Japan. So now here they are both of them enter the HQ and ask one of the agent to bring them to the commander .

"Commander this is the transfered agent ."

"You can leave ."

The commander was told the agent who bring Yuuhi and Kuroka to leave. the commander got a serious face and a muncular body.He rise up from his chair and bow. Kuroka was bow to him Yuuhi was jumped for a bit and then bow too.

"I'm Commander Hojo . Welcome to Mira Japan Branch."

"I'm Yuuhi Asakura and this Kuroka she is my partner. we are reporting for duty."

then we had random conversation about the country and other things . it was almost half hour they had convesation. then someone knock the commander office door. it was an agent from MIRA , he give a paper to commander Hojo. he turn after read the papers and giving it to Yuuhi.

"This is the address where will you living from now on. Give it to agent who guide you here.he will take you there you there"

"Thanks Commanders."

With that Yuuhi and Kuroka was leaving . they meet the agent again and giving the address to him . he drove them to their new place to live.
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Posts : 154
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PostSubject: Re: A New Start    Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:27 am

The agent drive us to our new place to stay . he drive and Yuuhi with Kuroka was sit on the back. Yuuhi was looking out of the window and Kuroka was busy with her book. The agent was looking at back for a moment while driving .Yuuhi notice it he was looking at her and Kuroka. That was dangerous driving while looking at back seat. Yuuhi notice it was Red light in front , she then speak.

“Mr.agent thats a Red light .”

The Agent quickly turn his gaze to front and immediately brake. Yuuhi was holding on Door so she didn’t bump front seat. While Kuroka was bumping driver seat. She rub few times her fore head . the agent look back .

“ I’m sorry . i don’t mean it.”

“ I know you want to look at Yuuhi but can you drive carefully Mr.Agent . You can take her for a date later if you want. “

Yuuhi and the agent who drive was surprised both of them was blushed.Yuuhi was pissed by what Kuroka said. Yuuhi was almost reaching her chest to pull out her sword. Then the light turn into green and they drove away.

“Don’t be mad ,here take it. “

Kuroka giving a handkerchief to Yuuhi. Yuuhi was confuse why do Kuroka giving it to her. She Open
the window and about to throw it away. But then Kuroka holding Yuuhi hands to stop her.

“You crazy !!. you want to dump it!!!.”

“What ? why ?.”

The agent who drive the car and Yuuhi was confuse . The agent looking at it Yuuhi too . she pay attention at it , she sniff it and surprised. She turn her gaze to Kuroka , Kuroka was nodding with smile. Yuuhi was sniffing on it , the agent was confuse . then they arrive at the house , Yuuhi was still sniffing. The agent look back and about to said something.

“um... Yuuhi-san . we are arrive .”

“Don’t mind her MR.Agent . she was traveling on another world right now . So the key ? , please.”
The agent was giving the Key and Kuroka also with Yuuhi step outside the Car. The agent drove away while Kuroka was waving at him.

“Until when you will sniffing Master Handkerchief, Yuuhi.”

Yuuhi stop sniffing at the handkerchief.She keep it on her pocket , she walk into the house along with Kuroka . the house pretty Nice , its got a second floor and got many room. Its got two bedroom on the second floor and two bedroom again on first floor. It also got a basement , its little dusty and need some cleaning .Yuuhi was taking one bed room when kuroka taking one on first floor.

“Hey Kuroka why don’t we go shopping now .”

“Sure i want to buy a new book and some clothes too.”

We go shopping and Yuuhi buy some clothes to get change at home. When Kuroka was buying a new book . Yuuhi and Kuroka wasn’t forget to buy a cellphone too. Yuuhi was wondering did Kuroka got a money to pay all of it. But Kuroka was managed to pay all of it , at the middle of way back home Yuuhi was asking to Kuroka.

“Hey Kuroka , where did you get a money to pay all of that ?. I just want to know that you didn’t do anything that could make Master troubled.”

“Of course not!!!. I got a money too you know . You know Nekomata has a great fortune you know ?. I buy a lottery and win much money. I got one million dollars , thehehehe.”

Yuuhi was wondering did Kuroka just proclaimed herself as goddes of fortune. Kuroka was laughing as she said that with proudly. Kuroka then saw a Cafe then ask to Yuuhi.

“Want to come in ? .”

“Sure i need to rest for awhile too.

They come in and take seat , they put down their stuff and ready to order something.
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A New Start
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