Mystic Shadows

Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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The Hinasaki Yakuza is originally a powerful underworld syndicate that was a vigilante group. However after crossing the Arbiters they lost power and influence and were reduced next to nothing. All they have now is a few past connections and a little of income. They still do there best for everyone they can but they are still technically a crime organization as well as a vigilante group. They are chaotic neutral in nature and have a few codes and guidelines.

Rules: There are a few simple rules. One never betray the family. If you do expect to be executed. Two do not harm the innocent. Three help the family if they need it. 4 The Etria are the heads of the family. Any kind of Syndicate action such as robbery or killing an enemy of the family, or taking turf or setting up shops, must be approved by an Etria. All members must either be a Head Hunter, or MIRA agent. (More rules may be made later)

Resources: The Hinasaki currently are very limited on both information and funds. Having expended the last of there money to flee Japan and set up a new base under a shack in the Warehouse district. They have few contacts in the underworl as most have been lost since there fall. There only source of income right now is Head hunting contracts, and renting out warehouses.

Ranks and Members (NPC below Etria rank wont be listed)
Ranks Family Head - The Family Head must have apocalyptic magic. They also are always one of the Seven Etria.
Etria - They are the leaders of the family. only the Family head is above them. They have command over resources and members officer rank and below. One must at least be Mystic tier to be a Etria. Flames of the Spirit must also be a magic held to be an Etria. Only Seven Etrai are allowed at a time. Every Etria has a ring that signifies there position.
Officer - Officers often take charge of recruitment and the construction of Shops. they have command over the basic Members in the family. One must be at least a Master Magus to be an Officer. Only ten officers at a time exist for the family. All officers carry a coin with a red rose on it
Member - The basic rank of the Hinasaki. They often get tasked with the basic jobs from guard duty, to running shops. To even running basic messages.

Current Family Members
Family Head




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