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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 /v/ Style Tournament 7 (yes, games!)

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Sakrol Leviathan


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PostSubject: /v/ Style Tournament 7 (yes, games!)   Fri Aug 28, 2015 5:16 pm

The information ran slowly this time since the promo wasn't on the original channel this time but the due day has not been decided yet so I don't think nobody lost too much time.

Just putting this here if anybody else wants to join since I will be joining and that means training for me but that won't effect on my postings (I think?). The video is below and the rules and other info below the video.


VST is a recurring series of community competitions. The goal is to win votes by favor of the viewers by being as stylish as possible with your gameplay! But even if you don't believe you're amazing, it's fine. VST is meant to be fun for all, and the more the merrier. Think you have something, anything worth showing off? Then put it up for show!


-Devil May Cry (Any but the DmC reboot)
-Bayonetta (1 and 2)
-Ninja Gaiden (Any 3D game but Yaiba)
-God Hand
-The Wonderful 101
-Sengoku Basara (3, Utage, 4, and Sumeragi)
-Viewtiful Joe (1 and 2)
-Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
-Fairy Bloom Freesia
-Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage

2 minutes minimum, 10 minutes maximum
Exceptions to time must be discussed in advance; have a good reason for it.
The goal is to enter a room and finish off all spawn from start to finish on second highest difficulty minimum (e.g., God Hand Level 3 or Die, DMC anywhere from Son of Sparda or above, Bayonetta Hard or NSIC, etc.) You may do this multiple times with as many games as you want SO LONG as in the end the video follows rules.
NO CHEATING (minor things that don't actually affect gameplay such as visual mods are acceptable)
You may NOT splice videos to play numerous at once, as it is in the realm of cheating. One at a time only.
Cutting your video to chip out wasted time during loadout changes is perfectly okay

Extra rules:
Super costumes permitted
Devil May Cry God Must Die mod is permitted
Devil May Cry 3 Style Switcher Mod banned for Traditional
Devil May Cry 4 mods where you put characters out of their designated campaign areas are legal
You are not allowed to drop below Level 3 on God Hand
In the case of Sengoku Basara, it can be considered complete if it ends on the capture of an enemy camp

1 minute minimum, 6 minutes maximum
Exceptions to time must be discussed in advance; have a good reason for it
You can do ANYTHING. Show off some crazy hacks, exhibit your mad dodging ability, display fantastic combos, perhaps pull an ironic gag video; the only limits here are time and your skill!

We write to taste life a second time...
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/v/ Style Tournament 7 (yes, games!)
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