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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Lake Serass

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Sakrol Leviathan


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PostSubject: Lake Serass   Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:50 am

Sakrol and Neurus were walking around the city wondering what they should do next, Jon wasn't coming home in a long time so Sakrol had to come up with something to kill time. Sakrol noticed a sign were the city's map was displayed, looking at it Sakrol remembered that there is a lake in this city but he couldn't go there since it was too far away. But this time is different, instead of walking Sakrol could use public transportation like a bus ride, he had some money from the hunt so he could pay the ride with that. Sakrol looked at Neurus and spoke to his familiar. We could go spend some time at the lake, chill a little and then maybe do some training without Jon. I'm looking forward for a good swim, I haven't had the time nor the chance to go swimming anywhere in here... Let's go find a bus stop where the bus is headed to the lake's way. Neurus only nodded as both of them then went to search for that bus stop that goes towards Lake Serass, it didn't take long and lucky for them the bus was just coming to that spot. Sakrol and Neurus entered the bus as Sakrol paid for the ride, after that Sakrol sat down on a free seat and Neurus jumped on the seat that was right next to Sakrol. Now they had to wait until they were at their desired location.

Sakrol and Neurus hopped off the bus when the bus was close enough to the lake, it only took a short walk from the bus stop to the lake now. Sakrol and Neurus were now standing at the shore of the lake as Sakrol took a good look around the place, there were other people around so Sakrol searched for a spot where he could be alone. There seemed to be an ideal spot somewhere at the right side of the lake where trees grew right at edge, a prefect place to get some peace and quiet. Sakrol moved himself there and Neurus followed, Sakrol leaned down to look at the water a bit closely. I wonder if the waters in Gaia are any different from the waters in the Otherworld, I guess there is only one way to find that out. Sakrol then took off his boots and placed them next to a tree and he looked at Neurus. You stay here and guard my stuff, okay? Call me if something happens. Neurus did as Sakrol had said while Sakrol jumped into the water for a swim, Sakrol swam around a bit to see if the water was any different from the water in the Otherworld. The only difference that I see is that the water in Gaia is more clear, in the Otherworld where I live the water is quite murky. Sakrol takes a deep breath as he dives into the water, he then dives deeper to see how deep this lake was. The lake seems to be quite deep in this spot at least, Sakrol hasn't reached the bottom yet and he is running out of breath. Sakrol wonders if Water Magic can help him at this at all, Sakrol tries to manipulate the water to give him some room to breathe but instead discovers something else. With the help of Water Magic Sakrol learned how to breathe underwater, a useful thing no doubt about it. Sakrol wonders why he hasn't learned this before but it's better now than never, at least he wasn't able to drown anymore. Sakrol continues to swim deeper now that he doesn't need to worry about air, at the bottom there's a lot of plant life and fish. The fish seem a bit smaller than in the Otherworld and they look a little different, the fish seem to be more easily scared too as they just swam away when Sakrol approached them.   Sakrol swam around the place taking the most of his new found ability and he used the time to look around. But Sakrol had other things to do as well so he had to swim back up to the shore and practice stuff on dry land. Sakrol climbed up from the water and he was completely soaked as usual, Neurus was there just sitting next to a tree staring at Sakrol. Sakrol picked up his boots and put them back on, he wanted to try out something new with magic. I wonder if I could be able to manipulate a new different kinda magic, it doesn't hurt to be prepared with pretty much anything. Sakrol sits down for a while to think what he should learn next, he tries to remember an old book that he once read that had a description of different magics. But it has been such a long time since he read that that he doesn't remember much of it, though one thing he did remember from the book. He remembered the book talking about something like “Poison Magic” but he still remembers its description too vaguely so learning that could be tough without the book. Sakrol was ready to give it a try, so he stood up and started to wonder what would be the best way to go in this. Sakrol is familiar with poison as he is able to use it in his true form but to manipulate it with magic is a completely different thing, this could take a while. Sakrol puts all his concentration in learning this magic, he tries different things until he is able to yield any real results. It took an hour but finally Sakrol was able to grasp the nature of this magic, he practiced a few easy spells to get started with the magic and to get a good feel about it. I guess I did it then, I'm able to use Poison Magic from now on. Some more progress I suppose, I'm eager to test this against something... Maybe I can test it tomorrow if we go for another hunt, I'm sure it will be exciting. But this is enough for now, let's go back home Neurus and see if Jon is back. Neurus nodded and   both of them walked to the bus stop and used the bus ride to get back to Jon's apartment to rest and wait for Jon to return.

Water Breathing learned: 44/20 SC

Poison Magic learned: 44/10 SC

SC: 44
WTSC: 44

We write to taste life a second time...
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Lake Serass
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