Mystic Shadows

Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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Basic Character Template
Character name: Yuuhi Asakura

Gender: Female

age: 19 (more than that)

Race: Human

class: Warrior

job: Knight

Appearance: Yuuhi Asakura 491px-Crimson_Avenger_Alternate

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Yuuhi's personality is an ambiguous one. For the most part she is a sweet, feminine and sometimes shy girl when around her beloved Master. But, this masks her dark and sanguinary side--a ruthless, cold and calculating psychopath who has little, if any problem in using others for her ends- her and her Master survival. She will resort to cruel and usually violent methods, most of the time coming out of nowhere, that generally end in bloody deaths, of either the People or any beings, effectively making her a Yandere. However, she wasn't always insane. Her brutal personality mostly results from abuse inflicted by her losing all of the knights under her command and was mortally injured in the process two years prior to the War between Vampire and Lycan.

Yuuhi was living on a peaceful town long time ago , she live happily with her family. Then somedays there was a war , a war between Angel and Demon . there was a lycan army attacking her town , the lycan was killing all of the townfolks. Yuuhi was helped by Tepes siblings , they trained her to become a soldier. She even given by them a weapon made by mixing their both blood as material. She work under Night command as a normal soldier . she raise her rank by gaining a great fame on war. After that she work as personal Knight for Mathew , she then given by Mathew a sacred relic call phoenix tears. Rumor said that if human drinks it , they will stop aging like it or not Yuuhi drink it as her Master told her. Now she was living at Japan looking for her Masterto show up and serving him once again.

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