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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Shadowy Beginning

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Angelo NeoAella Voldcrom


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PostSubject: Shadowy Beginning   Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:17 pm

(Angelo Speaking Past) "Not much is known about my past and its not something I really care to remember. All I can say is that it started with me in water. In some kind of tube with at least several hundreds of people all around me. I think I was in some kind of SciFi lab. It was something amazing but at the same time frightening." Taking a breath in real time. "I remember walking throw a lot of doors and then finally out a window about six or seven stories up." (Real Time) "Don't ask how I know that, I just did. It was like there was something in my head that was giving me all the information I needed." (Past) "Then as I dashed out the window, I fell and fell and fell till I hit the ground below. As the booming sound of the earth breaking at my feet, I dashed out; into the streets...nude." (Real Time) "No wonder so many people started to avert there eyes as I passed." (Past) "After dashing to a clothing store...some dark side took over. Everything started to look like number. Then when it was over I was holding some person head soaked in blood." (Real Time) "I must have killed that poor girl." (Past) "Dashing around I graved what looked nice to me and ran west after unloading what ever was in the cash registers." (Real Time) "I think I at least took like five grand." (Past) "After that I dashed to the busses and road till there was nothing else but the day sun staring me down." (Real time) "The rest is a blur. I know I was out of it for many months after I got to the western woods. I hid in a cave. I may even have been years but one thing I know for sure. My name is say the tag burned into my arm and I guess I'm like 12 or 13. Due to the height measurements of my body. I think its time I learned who I am." He say as he walks off.

26 miles from downtown
Outer Parameter

Day 2

Morning has struck the forest cave as the burst of sun light shine brightly down on the boys face. Slowly opening his eye the boy faces one hand out so that only the shadow of the sun focus light may give him a opening to see. The ground he lay in was barred in deep dirt with a moss top. As the dirt kept him warm, the moss lay over him like a soft pillow. Standing up, with his navy blue jeans and a jet black "Truck Fit" shirt, he graved the Nike shoe. Tied them, and dashed off. The boy wanted to know where he was and why he was here in the first place. With memories in a haze anything before yesterday was a blur. The place around him seem lost and lonely. As the animals around dashed to do there usual day. "First thing I need is a map." confused on how he knew what that was. he shook his head and move on.
It took at least five minutes for the boy to reach a road. With the break neck speeds he was dashing about, it was only a matter of time. Taking a look left and right he didn't know what path would be correct. He stood there frozen, as he tried to pick a destination. After a bit of waiting, he started to see a monster (18 wheeler truck) dashing in his direction. Scared, he bolted away going due north to the city. It wasn't long before the monster started to honk its horn at him. And soon enough it was right on his trail. Slamming his foot into the ground, he faced the monster with tears in his eyes. He thought that if this is the way he was going to die. So be it... The truck rushed then stopped a few centimeters away. An a young man, around his 20'es, walked down.
"Hey kid, are you all right?" the man said trying to calm down the boy. "It's alright, I'm not going to hurt you." he said in a gentle voice. It seem that, all the boy needed was that. For after those words he stop crying. Straighten his voice. "Yes...I'm lost." looking into the Caucasian guys blue eyes. The man rubbed his head as he said: "Well, I'm heading to a place where there are a lot of people. Do you want to come?" The boy nodded an followed him. After the man lifted him up into the truck, he passed the boy some hot chocolate and fastened his seat belt. "William, William R. Hill but; most people call me R. What where you doing out there kid?" he said but, by then the boy had already dosed off.


12 miles from downtown

Center Parameter

Day 3

Opening his eyes to the darkness of night, the boy saw that he was still riding along with a man down the streets. The man seem tired, or so he thought. "Where are we Mister?" The boy asked. He was curious to find out where he was and why he knocked out. The man looked at him with a tired smile and said. "We are about two hours from the main city. I'm glad I was able to travel so far but, I'm getting tired so I might be taking a pit stop soon for some rest." The boy looked at the man and said. "But...but, I'm not tired at all Mister. I feel fine!" The man laughed: "Of course you are, after taking that long of a nap. I would be surprised if you where not. Oh by the way, my name is not "Mister". My name is R." The boy nodded his head no. "No, I like Mister more."
It was only a matter of time before the man pulled into a truck stop. Parking at the far west slot. He shut it off and got out. "Lets' get dinner then I'm going to hit the bed. You can go have fun or play or something." The boy nodded in approval. Walking in side the dinner, the two men...boys?, there were greeted and seated. After getting two rather large burgers and some drinks w/ fries the man went for his wallet and pulled out cash. The boy turned to him.
"What's that?" the boy asked. The man looked while putting the money on the table. "Oh this? This is money! It what big people use to get things they want." the boy reached into his pockets and pulled out five grand. "What can I get for this?" The mans eyes bolted with greed. Seeing so much money from a little boy, the man quickly thought of a plan to get it. "Come back with me and i'll tell you." The two quickly dashed out and went into the truckers lounge. There, after getting room keys, they when inside to rest. "Okay, so Mister?" the man looked but, was not lessioning. Dashing off one of the beds he lift the kid by the head and through him into the wall. The boys head started to bleed. "You know, the only reason I help you with a ride is because, I knew you would help me get through all those check points. Son, I'm carrying two tons worth of weed and crack. I could give two shits about you right now. So, pass me the money and you can buy your life. Sounds cool huh." the man said with a dark desprate voice. The only thing is that the boy was already fading out. Self defense protocol 001 activate." the boy said passing out. After that the AI system activated. "Hello, this is Angelo. You are in threat range. Please lower yourself to floor arrest position or deadly force will be activated." the man looked at the boy. Kicking the table over he broke a leg and dashed at the boy. "Your mine b****!" "Activated 002, deadly force approved. Now in engagment." the boy set back as the man lunged his wooden plank at the AI. Lifting up one arm he pushed over the planked at throw a kick to the neck. Shattering his atoms apple the AI, graved the mans keys and dashed for the truck.
white collarless polo shirt and long black jeans, the AI turned on the truck as drove off.

5 miles from downtown
Inner Parameter

Day 4

The AI has been driving for one and a half hours then arrives at traffic. Taking out the keys he dashed out the truck and runs to the nearest intersection. The AI shuts down and the boy awakes.
Surrounded by people the boy dashes forward into traffic as a car at great speed dashes for him. He takes one step then...
The car bolts left. Crashing into the center lane. As traffic bolts into a cluster, the boy dashes at the cars. Flipping over one he jumps into a state cruiser and drives off. With traffic stopped and cop cars racing for him. within the hour the gas in the car runs out.
Making his way towards the city he starts to run through ally ways. Stopping at a indoor bar he hides waiting for time to blow over. The news plays and the pictures of a boy killing a young man, and stealing a truck play. He watches every murder and every thief. From a clothing store killing to the thief of a cop car. Wanted, he waits till he is ready to walk off.


Through the Darkness in the Sky
Through the Light that Never shines
 Through the Pain that Hurts those
  that Suffer and Curse below

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Shadowy Beginning
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