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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 Arc: The Awesomepocalypse

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PostSubject: Re: Arc: The Awesomepocalypse   Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:28 am

Night call a boy next to Yuuhi , Mathew . Yuuhi quickly turn her gaze to the white haired boy . Did he really him , Soma. then the boy open her mask and Yuuhi was surprise . it was really him , the boy that she was looking for a century finally she found him. but then something surprise her , the boy said he wasn't Mathew he was Shiro. he was a hunter from Japan Branch , why did he don't remember anything. Yuuhi trying to smile even she was so sad , she walking to Night and pat her shoulder. she whisper something to her ears.

"Please don't say anything again , I know he might be got amnesia. so for his good maybe we should pretend to not know him . both of us don't want him to get danger again right ? , so please ."

Yuuhi look down and tears slowly comes down from her eyes. Yuuhi rub her eyes and turn back to a boy name Shiro , she smile like nothing happen . Yuuhi walk to him and greet him .

"Pardon us , we must be caught wrong person. thank you for saving me back there . my name is Yuuhi Gremory , Nice to meet you Shiro."
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Night Tepes

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PostSubject: Re: Arc: The Awesomepocalypse   Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:06 pm

Night stood there blinking in surprise. Did her brother really just tell her she had the wrong person. She shook her head and spoke. Yokai, scent nor your face lie. You are my brother. She said simply wondering what could have happened? Had all the damage she inflicted during there last battle caused this? Yuuhi then walked up and spoke to her. Nigh shook her head in response though. He is my brother Yuuhi. I wont go soft all because he may have amnesia. I doubt he will revert to the point of wanting to attack me. Well unless he wants revenge for losing, however when he conceeded defeat that night he said he knew he was wrong." She spoke back to Yuuhi. Night was one who always had faith in her family.I wont play a silly game of pretend. She continued but then watched in disgust at what Yuuhi was doing. She went to say something in her rage but Selene showed up. Night turned to the elf and said. And were have you been? she asked the elve not in the best moods. As what Yuuhi was doing would never in millions of years help someone with amnesia. Yuuhi was not Mathews brother or family it was not her place, but she had to much on her plate to deal right away. Selene just smiled and replied. Well I went off ahead while you all rested. I decided the odds would need to be tipped in our favor so I threw my hat in early. I took out a good few, however after a while Floyd called and said what I asked to be made was done. Luckily for even those of you who just seemed to have now showed up now there is enough for all. She said tossing a small vial of orange liquid that glowed with power. Night caught hers and could sense mana within and Selene explained. I gave Floyd a mana crystal and asked him to make a power boosting amp based around it. This is the result, simply drink it and the affect will take place. She said simply. However as she said this Night noticed the large crystal that the Titan had been guarding was now glowing. Selene looked and said. I guess that means all of us who came from Gaia through the rift must be here. Night nodded and walked up to the crystal a bit entranced. She would lay a hand on the crystal wanting to get a better feel but as she did it shattered. However she still had one of the peices in her hand as it broke. As the crystal broke the rift would open in the sky and start to suck in. All from Gaia would feel there bodies being lifted and would end up flying up into the sky back through the rift.

Back in Gaia MIRA had the rift more guarded as the other two Field Agent teams were now standing on guard as well as Zero wearing there helmet to hide there face and cloak to hide there body. Not only that but a new person was there as well. She had long blue hair in a ponytail, fair skin, purple eyes and pointy ears marking her an elf. She wore a purple dress that had a short skirt and leggings underneath and a wooden spear with an emerald in the center of the spear head on her back. She had an echocommunicator on her side marking her a MIRA agent as well. There was a grounded helicopter whose pilot sat under arrest. Eric had one of his twin pistols homed in on said pilot as if they had possibly tried to resist arrest. From the logo on the helicopter it belonged to the Head Hunters. The rift would explode and out would fall all of those who had been inside of it. Night stood up dusting herself off as she looked around taking stock of things, sliding the amp and crystal fragment she had in her pocket. Each person who fell form the rift would still have the amp and a crystal fragment for themselves as well. Night noticed though Selene was missing though and found that odd. The helicopter pilot would look at Soma and say. Sorry Shiro looks like MIRA is keeping us grounded. The pilot sounded shaken and scared. Night really did have to presume he resisted and from glancing at the copter. She could see several cuts and bullet holes suggesting it had been forced to land. Zero spoke up however giving orders. Captain Tepes, Agent Pryo and Agent Cole, welcome back. Help us round up these interlopers. We will be bringing them all into HQ for questioning, and to make sure they are ok. Zero would then look at the non MIRA agents and say. You all are not under arrest but you must come with us. Do not and you will be arrested like this one. She said motioning at the Pilot. Captain Tepes, I will want a report of what happened in the rift. Also i would like you to meet Lieutenant Hikari, Cia Hikari. I will explain her reasons for being here later though. Night nodded but figured the reasons were obvious as the agency was understaffed. The rift was closed and zero would motion for all to get into the cars just outside as all would be brought to MIRA HQ. Thus the case of the Awesomepocalypse would come to a close.

SC: 60
WTSC: 60

OOC: post your exit post and this will continue in
Left thread

Arc rewards
All get 1 Rift Shard write it down in inventory
1 level gained by all
1,000 will be given to all
Special Ability Amped up
Amped up
This amp gives +5 to all stats. In combat this ability can be activated and for every post in combat giving a +1 to all stats per post in combat capping out at 5 in combat post. Once out of combat the buff will vanish. (this means this ability can give a total of +10 stats while in combat) Thank you all for particapating in the first Rift arc.


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Sagatobi Pryo


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PostSubject: Re: Arc: The Awesomepocalypse   Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:06 am

Pryo stood there as when Night touch the crystal and made it scatter into more piece he had one of the spards in his hands and place it in his also was given a orange vile as he just sniff it as he wondering what it was for. He couldnt ask though cause he was slowly started to lift up even Yuki who was back at the past was starting to float over to them. Seeing her safe made Sagatobi calm down as they where suck up.Yuki had fallen out right next to Pryo who had land on his feet. He seem to be able to do so as he notice that even the head of the MIRA was here he nod his head as he gentle help Yuki get to her feet. He then talk her to his bike that he got here on as he look back at the other. I well you all back at the base. Was all he said as he speed off on the bike and Yuki wrap her arms around her waist. He really didnt catch the name of the other person but he was wondering why they the rift appear in the first place and what had happen as well once they get back to the base.


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Sakrol Leviathan


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PostSubject: Re: Arc: The Awesomepocalypse   Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:29 am

Sakrol was still sitting on top of the building while the battle down below ended. But when the coast seemed clear Sakrol dismissed his Jack-O-Lantern Minion as it's time was already falling short, the minion vanished and there was a pile of leaves on it's spot. Sakrol stood up and he sheathed his sword while he was looking what the others were doing. Sakrol then ordered Neurus to follow as they jumped down to the ground level. He noticed that Night seemed to be interested on the guy that had helped Yuuhi earlier against the attacking OD's. The conversation between Night, Yuuhi and the new guy seemed rather serious that Sakrol decided to stay away and mind his own business, he wasn't too far from the current group though. Then somebody else showed up, it was that woman that Sakrol had only seen once before at that base where he had met Night once again with her new friends. She seemed to have something with her as Night was speaking with her. That woman then gave Night a strange bottle filled with glowing orange liquid, after that she gave everyone one too. Sakrol didn't like the look of it but he was able to sense that the liquid holded some power and the woman did explain briefly what they are suppose to do with it. Sakrol allowed Neurus to sniff the stuff and Neurus assured Sakrol that it's perfectly safe. He then looked at Night as she was walking towards the now glowing crystal. The crystal then shattered into many little pieces, one of the pieces flew right in front of Sakrol's feet and he picked it up as it looked interesting. But as Sakrol was inspecting the piece a rift opened in the sky and started to draw him in, it seems that the rift only took those that were from Gaia. Sakrol put the crystal piece to his coat's right pocket as he was floating up with the others.

Soon everyone was now back in Gaia and the rift exploded and disappeared as they all fell out from it. Sakrol was sitting on the ground as he quickly looked around and noticed that they weren't alone. Sakrol then stood up and he was wondering what was going on exactly. There was a helicopter with a pilot that seemed to be under arrest and a some more people from MIRA. Even the head of MIRA was there too, speaking to Night, Vergil and Pryo. The MIRA chief then looked at all the others who were not part of MIRA and told them that they should come with them and if they resist they will be arrested just like that helicopter pilot. Sakrol didn't like it one bit, the MIRA chief wasn't giving them much of a choice though. Sakrol only gruntlet a little bit at this but he did walk along with the others to the cars. Sakrol entered one of the cars and he told Neurus to come on in and sit on his lap for the ride.

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PostSubject: Re: Arc: The Awesomepocalypse   Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:35 am

The Request has been done . I was teleported back to Gaia , but something was happen when i was arrive. I was sorrounded by MIRA , I don't know what will going happen next . I drop my XM8 assault rifle on ground and raise up my hand. I look around and found my transport helicopter . the pilot of helicopter talk to me , its look like he got troubled. "Sorry Shiro looks like MIRA is keeping us grounded".then i make a joke with him , i look at him and said."uh... did I know you". the seems angry after i'm joking like that."We are on the same team ,midget".I only smile to him after he said that , i know that was bad joke. great not a payment but another trouble , back on the rift i was get trouble now i will be arrested. then someone wearing a helmet to hide there face and cloak to hide there body come to me. its look like he was the commander of MIRA . he order MIRA agent to bring me to their HQ. the MIRA commander said to me while pointing at the pilot. "You all are not under arrest but you must come with us. Do not and you will be arrested like this one." i wan't to follow what they said but something was strange around here . I look at the pilot and its look like he was a new member from Head Hunter Japan Branch. it must be tough for him , a first job and ended like this. then without thinking twice i said to MIRA commander."then that guy should be treated like me too, since we are coming from the same organization."

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PostSubject: Re: Arc: The Awesomepocalypse   Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:22 am

Yuuhi listen to what Night said she was agree with her. after that she was teleported to Gaia again . as she was arrive she and other people who arrive from rift was surrounded by MIRA agent then MIRA director was coming and say if all people except MIRA agent will be arrested if they don't come with them. Yuuhi was little annoyed when the director said that , all she want is she can comeback home and report to her King about her mission.She saw the other MIRA agent was begin to leaving the site following the MIRA director said.Yuuhi sighted and begin her steps to get inside the car. she look at Soma , he seems didn't like this too. then she heard he said about the pilot who should be picking him back. Yuuhi only smile at what he said then she turn around and grab his hand.

"Don't worry your friends will be okay ,trust me Shiro."

She ended it by smiling to Soma. Yuuhi taking Soma inside a car , following what MIRA Director said.

OOC: Shin said i can gming him
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PostSubject: Re: Arc: The Awesomepocalypse   

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Arc: The Awesomepocalypse
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