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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 A walk in Remyr Grove

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Sakrol Leviathan


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PostSubject: A walk in Remyr Grove   Sat Dec 13, 2014 8:00 am

Sakrol and Jon were now at the nearest bus stop waiting for a bus to take them closer to the forest. Jon was wearing a dark grey fedora hat on his head and he was holding an empty basket on his left hand, Sakrol wondered why Jon picked up a basket with him. Jon, why are you carrying that basket with you? I don't see why we would need it... Jon smiled and he answered while still looking to the direction where the bus would come. The basket is very important, I will show you when we get to the forest. Trust me on this one... Hey! The bus is coming. The bus stopped in front of them and Jon walked in first to pay for their tickets, Sakrol followed Jon to the backseats and they sat down. The bus was quite empty, the only people in it were Sakrol, Jon, an old lady, two happy looking children and of course the bus driver. The bus would stop at times to let the other passengers out at their desired locations, the final stop was at the edge of the forest were Sakrol and Jon were heading. After the bus ride they would continue to walk into the forest, Sakrol was following Jon around the forest. At the same time Jon was picking up edible mushrooms from the ground and putting them into the basket he was holding, Sakrol then spoke. Jon, why are you picking mushrooms...? I thought we came here so that you could teach me something new... Jon turned towards Sakrol and he answered while being as cheerful as ever. Well, I am gonna teach you something but not yet. First you must help me gather these mushrooms! Come on, it's not that hard... You should learn to value small excercises like this. Sakrol did not have the patience for stuff like this so he got a bit angry at Jon. Sakrol walked towards Jon, he grabbed one of the mushrooms from the basket and said. You know, this is what I think about this "excercise” of yours... He then dropped the mushroom to the ground and squashed it under his boot. Jon stared at Sakrol for a while in silence before he spoke. Hmmm... You leave me no choice then... Jon put the basket down next to a tree and he started walking towards Sakrol with serious expression on his face. Sakrol wondered what Jon was going to do but he soon found out since Jon suddenly jumped at him and tried to wrestle with him. Both of them were now fighting each other. What do you think you're doing Jon!? Get off me!!! Jon was smiling as usual as he answered in the middle of the battle. I'm beating some sense into you, what else does this look like? Sakrol was obviously at a disadvantage since Jon was much more experienced than him. Sakrol was left with only one choice. Okay, okay! You win Jon! Let's just pick those stupid mushrooms of yours... Jon then stopped and he stood up. Great then! Let us continue. Sakrol stood up while Jon grabbed his basket and continued to lead. Sakrol was quite pissed at Jon at this point but after that he chose not to make Jon angry anymore.

After filling the whole basket with edible mushrooms Jon was happy as he spoke. Okay the basket has been filled, we will make some mushrooms stew from these later... Time for something different. Jon put the basket on top of a rock and he looked at Sakrol. I'm ready to teach you something new Sakrol, are you ready? Sakrol turned towards Jon and answered. Finally! I'm ready as one can be... What can you teach me? Jon then replied. I'm going to teach you an ability known as the 'Spirit Body', you know it? Sakrol answered. I once tried to learn it all by myself but as you can see I wasn't successful. You going to give me a few tips on that...? Jon put his hands together and smiled. Well let us begin immediately! Listen to my instructions carefully and you might just learn it. First, stand over there and close your eyes. Sakrol did as Jon instructed. Okay, now what? Jon continued. Try to relax a bit and take a deeb breath, when that's done try to get to know yourself. In a way you must somehow draw energy from within, now concentrate on that. Sakrol was following Jon's instructions and he tried his best. It first looked like that Sakrol wasn't able to pull it off but after 10 minutes his body became shrouded in a lightly greenish looking aura. Sakrol opened his eyes when Jon started clapping his hands together. Ah, you were able to do it after all... Bravo! Congratulations Sakrol! Sakrol was quite happy about his success but he didn't show this to Jon, Sakrol dismissed the aura around him and he walked towards Jon. Okay, I think I got the hang of it. Are we gonna go back to the city now? Jon picked up the mushroom basket and he started walking. Let's go home then, I will make that mushroom stew as I said earlier. Follow me. Sakrol followed Jon out from the forest to the bus stop and they waited for a bus to take them back to Ziwen Street.

SC: 81
WTSC: 142

Learned Spirit Body 81/50sc

OOC: This thread will remain open since I will come back later.

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A walk in Remyr Grove
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