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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 The New Hope

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PostSubject: The New Hope   The New Hope EmptyFri Dec 05, 2014 9:47 am

The war finally end . fierce battle between demon and angel have ended . both side have severe so many loss . many demon lord was killed and replaced by their heir . one of the demon lord gremory was on crysis . their former lord was killed on war . their new lord was still comeback from battlefield. Gremory land was exhausted after the war . many people have suffered and live poorly.

“My Lady , we will arrive soon at the city.”

“its good to be back home.”

Yuuhi and her small band of her knight was come back from battlefield . On war Yuuhi was sent to front line to fight the angel troops. She riding with horse and enter the city . she found out her city was collapsed . many people suffer because the war . she visit the market and found terrible crysis there is so few shop who still open. She saw a child who stole a piece of brad and running across her while the shop keeper chasing the boy. Yuuhi stoping her horse as the kid fell on ground after he was surprised by Yuuhi horse. The shop keeper catch the kid and attempt to hit him. Yuuhi down from her horse and come to the kid.

“Give it back my bread, damn thief.”

“No. please my sister haven’t eat for three days .”

“Like i care about that.”

“wait !!. here i bought all of your bread . give it to all people on here.”

“you think you can pay for it ?. young lady.”

Yuuhi whistle and her troops large bag of gold and give it to the store keeper. The store keeper was surprised for a moment . he can’t believe a young girl has such many gold on her .

“Who are you , young lady.?”

“I’m Yuuhi Gremory . The landlord of this city and the new Lord Gremory.”

“forgive me , my lord. I don’t know if it was you.”

“Don’t worry . can you give all your bread to everyone , i will give you a chest of gold .”

“of course i can, my lady.”

As Yuuhi came back to her city she surprised all of her citizen . Yuuhi then came back to her castle . Two month have passed slow but sure the people of the city was getting a better life. Yuuhi was helping maintain the land . she does so many paperworks to maintain her city . Finally the city has and its people life in prosper. Yuuhi servant visit her in her office her name was Rika.

“ call me ?.”

“hey Rika come in. I want to discuss something about the city. ”

“dont tell me . you want to change it , right ?. why you are doing this ?”.

“i just dont like it . besides ‘Lord Gremory city’ . its too long to spell it so how about i name it. ‘twilight city’.”

“well that wasn’t bad name .”

After that the city have change its name to twilight city . the city prosperity become richer afeter Yuuhi rename it . Yuuhi was happy that she could rebuild the city and make the citizen get a better life after the war.
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PostSubject: Re: The New Hope   The New Hope EmptySun Dec 07, 2014 8:55 am

Morning have come .Yuuhi was on her castle balcony while enjoy her tea and reading book. suddenly someone was coming from the main gate . its seems like a messengers and they was bringing something urgent . Yuuhi finish her tea , she knows that something bad will happen. not for long the messenger coming to her front , they bow and kneeling to her and giving the message. Rika was behind them , she grab the message and read it. but before Rika read it Yuuhi close her book and people was looking at her.

"well lets go to human world."

"uh-okay Yuuhi-sama."

"You all can come back to King Bael now."

Yuuhi smile as she order the messenger . Rika then looking at the message , she surprised after finish read it . the message was about task that Yuuhi must do. she must go to human world and stay there for a moment . the message said that they will giving more explanation later after she arrive.

"Rika ."

"Yes , Yuuhi-sama ?."

"You stay here and keep watching the city when i was here. contact me if something happen."

"Yes Yuuhi-sama."

Yuuhi walking into teleportation chamber and travel to Human world.
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PostSubject: Re: The New Hope   The New Hope EmptySun Dec 07, 2014 8:58 am

N.P.leave thread
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The New Hope
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