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Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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 The First Mission

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Sagatobi Pryo


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PostSubject: The First Mission   Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:53 am

Sagatobi Pryo was walking down the street of the dark city. It was raining that night and since he hand no where to stay for the time being he was walking down the street with his black hood up that his client had gave him before he was given his mission. The grey sticking out of the hood he place his hands into his pockets to keep them warm as it rain, but then it hit him. His client had pay for a room in a hotel that was not very far from where he was walking; smirking to himself he let a smirk appear on his face. "Well aren't I lucky.." He spoke to himself as he kept on walking. Turning a corner the rain started to pick up and some people who seem to stay out longer started to run as he kept on walk down the watery street. He was glad that it was night time and not the day time as he was able to hide his wolf tail very easy in dark but int the light he has to make sure that it is wrap up around his waist or lie that it custom made. He hated when he had to do that; finding the hotel that his client paid for he walk on it but before opening up the door he wrap his tail around his waist, pulling the door open he pull down his hood to let his different color hair free form the cover that he was given. Walking over to the female that was at the front desk he pull his hands out of his pockets with a wallet that he had from over the years. The women smiled up at him as Pryo stop and look down at her. She had that warm smile that anyone who was working at the front desk would have. "Name please?" Was all she ask him as he seem to be looking about as he let out a sigh. "Sagatobi Pryo." Was all that came out of his mouth. Once he spoke the girl notice the heavy German accent on him that most people from the area had a heavy English accent. Nodding her head as she went to work on her computer as she stop and smiled up to him. "Ah welcome Mister Pryo you have the pent house sweet and you are staying for a month. That is correct?"" She asked him as he nod his head to her as she held out a key card to him and he gentle took it form her and walk to the elevator and press the up button as he let out a breath and looking into a pot he fix the grey part that was over his eyes moving it to the side but it feel back down right over his left eye as he grumble some when he heard a ding nose and steeping back out in front of the elevator he watch the doors open up as he let out a breath as he watch the doors open up. What he didn't expect to see where two very cute girls that walk out and where giggling about something. Sagatobi just close his eyes and walk into the elevator and put the card key into it as it scan it. The doors started to close as he lean against the back wall as he mumble something to himself about not having time to think about girls and only deal with the mission at hand. Zipping down his jacket some he was glad that he had it on to make sure that the rain didn't get the white envelope that held the information on his target as he move his hand to the top of it and was about to open it until he heard another bing and look up as the doors open and show him his room. Letting out a breath he unwrap his tail from his waist and started to walk down the white steps that where going from the elevator to the main floor as he place the envelope on the table and took off his jacket; placing it on the coat rack he walk over to the fridge and open up the the bottom part seeing that it was full stock and was already pay for as he pull out a wrap piece of steak and close the bottom part of it. Once it was fully unwrap he didn't even bother to cook the meat and started to eat it. Walking back over to the envelope he open it up with one of his kunai's and pull out the papers that here inside of it. Letting the piece of meat hang from his mouth he slowly started to look over all the targets that he had to hit for the month as he remove the piece of meat and let out a small sigh. "Maybe its might be best to actually get some help from someone else...but like always since I was still young to even ask for someone to tag along with me now.." He spoke to himself as he sat down on the couch and read through all the paper spreading them out on the table that was before him. Once he was done eat he left the papers there and head to the bed room letting out a large yawn as he turn off ever light that was on and laid down in the bed that he was given. Slowly closing his eyes he drift off to sleep.
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The First Mission
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