Mystic Shadows

Mystic Shadows is a modern dark fantasy role play. Were magic and monsters are common and nightmares lurk.
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PostSubject: Yuuhi Gremory   Yuuhi Gremory EmptySun Aug 24, 2014 11:37 am

Character Name: Yuuhi Gremory

Gender: Female

Age:2098 appears 19.

Race: Demon

Class: Mystic

Job: Sage

appearance :
Yuuhi Gremory Daid_by_larxene24-d46fcgd

True form : Yuuhi grows 5 pair of demon wings instead from her back

Alignment : neutral

Personality :
Yuuhi appear to be sadistic, spiteful, and arrogant. but after the big war between Demon and Angel  she become kind and soft to anyone . it was because he meet a worth enemies on battlefield it was a boy on the same age as her before she meet this enemies she was still sadistic, spiteful, and arrogant after she battle with the boy countless time she was change. she was really love to fight with him . after the war she went to meet him , but he already die because disease. then Yuuhi turn into a kind and soft person.

Bio :
Yuuhi was demon from Gremory family one of the strongest demon on hell . she was Duke Gremory daughter and was his heir. To prove that she could become a good duke replacing her father , Yuuhi was sent to war between Demon and Angel. The war was making Yuuhi into sadistic, spiteful, and arrogant girl who only think about winning her battle. she didn't care about her troops life and keep on war . One day on the battlefield she meet a boy with a same age with her, he was human who side on Angel faction.

"What does this mean ? get away from my path, humans. I'm Yuuhi Greamory the heir of duke Gremory."

"And I was only a border guard, I'm Sorry you can't pass here."

Yuuhi ended battling with the border guard . he was a worth opponent for Yuuhi , she was ended to duel with him. she really love the duel slow but sure her personality was change kind and soft to anyone. then the war was over . when Yuuhi once again visit the border to the last duel she want to meet the boy again , but when she was there she didn't find him. he was replaced by new border guard , the new border guard said that the previous one was dead because his disease . Yuuhi was left that place without single word .

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PostSubject: Re: Yuuhi Gremory   Yuuhi Gremory EmptySun Aug 24, 2014 4:02 pm

Approved but I will let a few things be known now. Yes there will be a reference to an Angel Demon war in the Lore. However there is no heaven, and there is no Hell. There is only the other world which houses and holds souls and entities of the after life. Different souls hold different areas, however neither demon nor angel hold any large territory and are fractured at best. angels are more than willing to kill each other as they are a wraith, same goes for demons.

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